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Sinaloa guards borders to prevent entry of avian influenza

Sinaloa.- In Sinaloa, containment measures strengthened In coordination with poultry traders prevent the entry of avian influenzaPre-existing diseases in other…

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Sinaloa.- In Sinaloa, containment measures strengthened In coordination with poultry traders prevent the entry of avian influenzaPre-existing diseases in other states of the country The emergence of outbreaks of avian influenza in various institutions in the country.

The action is significant because Sinaloa, along with Sonora, is the only body with certification for exporting poultry products because they are free of the disease.

State Agriculture and Livestock Secretary Jose Jaime Montes Salas announced that a meeting had been held. Poultry Producer settled in Sinaloa, with whom it was agreed to implement a series of measures, such as the reinforcement of inspection operations at the unit’s borders to prevent entry of the product from entities affected by avian influenza, as well as the implementation of stricter biosafety measures . Operation of plants in the unit.

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“Sonora and Sinaloa—Secretary Montes—are an avian influenza-free zone and I want to emphasize that we have taken to strengthen the agreement, practically speaking of shielding without it, but we have to There is a need to cooperate with and the three levels of government, productive society and us to preserve this important economic asset that the Sinalones and the Sonorans have, which is poultry production.”

Secretary Montes, and under his charge of ministry health workers and from the livestock sector, held a meeting with poultry businessmen based in Sinaloa and Sonora, who expressed their concern that avian production in these entities since poultry products circulated. There may be an outbreak of a disease called influenza. On their highways, mainly from the states of Jalisco and Nayarit, which are quarantined.

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In view of the alert situation, which is not an emergency, Secretary Montes specified, measures have been taken to strengthen the inspection measures at various access points of the unit, in addition to ensuring that product gaps are not caused by local does not enter the market and this entity in a way to avoid its illegal commercialization.

They request help from Alfonso Durazo to repair the road on the border of Sonora and Sinaloa

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