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It is unfriendly to pressure the host to welcome the people they hate into their home. Given the US government’s…

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It is unfriendly to pressure the host to welcome the people they hate into their home.

Given the US government’s rejection of President López Obrador’s steadfast suggestion to add three dictators to the continent’s list of operatives who will meet in Los Angeles next month, last week (Tuesday 3) I published here: The only thing What is missing is the opposition to AMLO.

The State Department’s Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs, Brian Nichols, announced the denial on Monday 2:
“The regimes of Cuba, Nicaragua and (Nicolas) Maduro (Venezuela) do not respect the democratic charter of America, and therefore I do not expect their presence,” he declared, adding that President Joe Biden “is very clear that Joe Countries don’t respect democracy, they won’t get your invitation…”

In his speech yesterday morning, López Obrador raised the level of his request, rejecting his presence at the US summit if the United States does not invite the leaders of those three countries.

He would be represented by Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard, he anticipated.
“If it is excluded, if not everyone is invited, the representation of the Mexican government will go, but I will not go,” he said, adding that the decision affects relations with Washington.

When asked whether his attitude should be taken as a “protest” message, he replied:
“Yes, because I don’t want that same policy to continue in America and I really want to emphasize independence, sovereignty, and demonstrate universal brotherhood. We are not for confrontation, we are for brotherhood and even if between us There may be differences, but we can at least resolve them by listening to each other, talking, but not leaving anyone. If a country does not want to go, it is its right, but America’s summit without America’s countries How can the summit happen? No! Can it be called America’s summit? Well, it will not happen if it is kept out…”.

Although what Nichols said was taken as an official response from her government, White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre also said yesterday that a final decision had not yet been made and invitations had not been issued.
Both López Obrador and Biden do, say, do or say nothing, depending on their respective clients, and indicate nothing that Democrats and Republicans have in their areas of Nicolas Maduro, Daniel Ortega and Miguel Diaz-Canel. preferred, so that it may be assumed that AMLO would not attend the meeting.

Biden’s call is similar to a call made by one neighbor who is asked by another to invite three who are not on his mind or don’t want to be in his house because everyone in the neighborhood raves about his scandals, his bravery. I know and they spend their time exercising their domestic violence.

Díaz-Canel gave the Cubans a “combat order” against the Cubans crying for freedom and food. Daniel Ortega has imprisoned opponents as “the son of the bitch of the Yankee imperialists” and the dictator Maduro is a hybrid of the two.
A bunch of unwanted people with whom it is not worth showing solidarity…

silly resistance

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