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Siep and Cipinna sign an agreement to protect minors in Sinaloa

Oysters and Sipinna Signed a collaborative agreement to raise awareness among children and adolescents today sinaloa free access to public…

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Oysters and Sipinna Signed a collaborative agreement to raise awareness among children and adolescents today sinaloa free access to public information and care of personal and family privacy through protection of personal data,

at an event held in the room of Plenary Session of the State Commission For access to public information, the president of the transparency body, Jose Luis Moreno López, said that the transparency law sinaloa that they protect, do not define gender or a certain age for exercising access to information.

Another advantage, he explained, is that it is not necessary to prove identity or any sort of interest in order to receive an answer to a request for a certain subject, which makes it a very versatile right for everyone, including young people.

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He said there is also personal data protection law In the power of public entities and in the case of this regulatory framework, the “clamp is more closed” when padlocks are placed on the personal information of minors and adolescents.

They indicated that girls and boys currently have a more critical attitude due to information, such as caring for the environment, animals, respect for a variety of orientations, however, they are also exposed to daily use that they can are information technology.

Faced with such circumstances, the President of the Transparency Organization made a commitment to fulfill this agreement, which always aimed at the welfare of children and adolescents. Sinaloa.

for its part, Executive Secretary of the State System for Comprehensive Protection of Children and AdolescentsS, Nuria Alejandra González Elijalde indicates that there are over 900 thousand children and adolescents in Sinaloa and this high figure, which represents a third of the population, indicates to whom institutional efforts should be directed.

He said that both Law of Rights of Girls, Boys and Adolescents such as the protection of personal data held by public entities, both Sinaloa State They consider rights closely linked, so there is interest in forming an alliance between the two organizations.

“in the name of State system of the state system for children and adolescentsRequests that the best interests of children are always given priority in all institutional actions, embodied in the Convention on the Rights of Children and Adolescents, through the right to access information, the protection of personal data and the protection of personal and family . privacy; Hence the joint agreement to sign this cooperation agreement”, he explained.

For her part, Commissioner Liliana Margarita Campuzano Vega presented activities that could be worked on as a result of the agreement, such as issuing review resource proposals in easy-to-understand civil language, adopting ABC Protection of personal data for children and adolescents and others,

He warned that due to ignorance in social networks there is a high content of personal data provided by minors.

“A birthday photograph published by the father, mother, can give a lot of information such as name, age, establish that she is the son or daughter of such person and this represents a considerable risk in malicious hands,” he said. Argued. ,

He lamented that technologies are moving much faster than regulations, however, there are valuable elements such as signed agreements that include actions to protect their privacy and individual rights for children and adolescents through the protection of personal information. Is.

While Commissioner José Alfredo Beltrán Estrada celebrated the signing of the agreement and invited them to jointly “give life, body and soul” to the activities involved.

The foregoing would work in a coordinated manner between the two agencies in favor of children and adolescents in the State.

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were present at the time of signing the agreement sipExecutive Secretary Cristina Felix Franco, as well as Director of Legal Consulting Gustavo Reyes Garzón, Training and Contact Pablo Rocha Moraga.

from sipinna Witnesses were legal consultancy Isabel Duarte Rodriguez, Efrain Calderón Becerra, Director of Training and Research, and Jennifer Maria Villegas Lobo, Director of Public Policy and Outreach.

Siep and Cipinna sign an agreement to protect minors in Sinaloa

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