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Shoppers find a growth tool in CoDi®

“Operations become more efficient for store owners; because CoDi They are free, move in real time, reduce costs by replacing…

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“Operations become more efficient for store owners; because CoDi They are free, move in real time, reduce costs by replacing the use of cash with digital alternatives, and increase your security and income. For their part, consumers have access to a wider range of products, along with more flexible, easy, instant, cost-free and secure forms of payment,” said Roberto Martinez.

Currently, the code It has over 12 million users in Mexico and has an accumulated amount of approximately 2,500 million pesos in its operations. In addition, 34 banks participate in the initiative and over 20 companies have this digital collection option.

A more resilient and inclusive economy

PepsiCo was one of the first companies to join the initiative to promote the use of the CoDi appTo help shoppers grow digitally and give them access to new services and financial products that allow them to make their business more competitive.

Explanation: How does PepsiCo support smaller stores to achieve economic reactivation and what process have they followed?
Robert Martinez: Small stores play an important role in our country’s economy thanks to the fact that they represent a source of income for nearly three million households, in addition to being a fundamental part of the value and supply chain of various industries.

Since the start of the pandemic, we have been with Mexican shoppers, fueling their digital growth and offering them new commercial models that help bolster their finances and security. In 2020, we introduced our program to benefit more than 800,000 people who own a small store, by equipping them with digital financial tools through CoDi,

We are convinced that we must leverage our infrastructure of scale, knowledge and strong distribution network to contribute to the resilience of the markets in which we operate and to be true agents of change.

E: CoDi. What are the benefits small shops will get by using it?,
rm: The pandemic has shown us the importance of digital commerce and payments for the survival and growth of businesses, especially small businesses. To put this in context, according to Confio’s SME 2021 report, “Digital Transformation is just the beginning in Mexico”, before the pandemic Of these, only 7% of businesses invested in digitization, But in 2020 he increased his investment to 25% to be part of the digital economy.

Other benefits of using CoDi These establishments are for:

  • Increase your sales by up to 30%
  • More security and efficiency in your cash management
  • Development of technical and digital skills
  • Personalize offers for your customers
  • Expand your service portfolio
  • Transactions 24 hours a day every day of the year

E: How is that this project Promotes financial accessibility for small businesses?
rm: By strengthening our financial inclusion program and helping small businesses in the country through CoDi. by joining efforts to bring closer towe contribute Purpose of Bank of Mexico Developing an inclusive mobile payments ecosystem involving a variety of actors from banking institutions to non-financial companies, commercial chains and SMEs, and in which all Mexicans have access to send and receive electronic payments – instant, without commission And available anytime- with security and transparency in every transaction.