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Sheinbaum removed pictures of missing people

in spite of direct request Claudia Sheinbaum By relatives of missing persons So as not to delete photos of your…

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in spite of direct request Claudia Sheinbaum By relatives of missing persons So as not to delete photos of your loved ones in the famous “roundabout of the missingbefore this La Palma RoundaboutAdministration personnel started removing photos, names and posters of the missing people.

These items were recently placed by groups, families and especially mother of missing persons To name their absence not only from Mexico City but from other states in the country mother’s Day And complain to the authorities for the slowness in tracing his whereabouts.

“Let’s walk through the Glorietta of those who disappeared in Mexico City. There, where Palm died, may the life and memory of those who have been taken from us be born. No more oblivion, punishment and silence. Until we find them!” Guadalupe insisted. Perez.

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Sheinbaum says “no” to relatives of missing persons

Relatives of those who disappeared from different parts of the country made a public appeal to Claudia Sheinbaum to honor the symbolic takeover of Glorieta de la Palma last Sunday, to change its name to Glorieta de las Desperecidos.

“The faces and names of our men and women must remain in this roundabout,” asked Jorge Verastegui. However, Claudia Sheinbaum indicated on Monday that the winning tree of the consultation had already been selected for the new resident that will occupy the space left by the palm tree that has been located in Glorieta de la Palma for more than 100 years. Was: an offering,

“The citizens have already voted, it cannot be that a group of people is above the vote of the people. So we opened the vote, it was a popular consultation, everyone who wanted to do it participated; and Of course, the issue of missing is something that we have to pay attention to, which we are paying attention to.”

According to the virtual poll, 77,483 people voted to replace the palm tree with an ahuhute, which will be planted no later than June 5 and can be donated by a private initiative nursery.

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Grupo REFORMA published that experts warned of unfavorable conditions for this species and requested a re-adjustment of Glorieta and the President of the capital accepted what the experts said and said that it would be a committee to put it Will review and determine changes.