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Seven Looks Every Politician Should Have

1. Treat yourself with respect. Politics is losing its form. The politician has forgotten the basic rules of education to…

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1. Treat yourself with respect. Politics is losing its form. The politician has forgotten the basic rules of education to conduct before his rule. He feels that he can say whatever he wants to the people. A politician has to take care of his gestures and mannerisms. The last thing a citizen expects from his politicians is humiliation. No, don’t be a rude politician or they won’t respect you. You represent a lot of people. He directs many desires by the power borrowed by people. If you want to be respected, behave with respect.

2. Be tolerant of criticism. Don’t get upset so easily when someone criticizes you. If you show up upset, they will think you are weak. And they will measure you. While politics is passion and courage, show it by mastering your character. You were hired by the city to listen to him. Don’t complain now.

3. Don’t look at your cell phone in the Presidium. Not even in the meeting. It is in very bad taste and is disrespectful to others. A politician should always pay attention to what they are proposing. Plus, he always raises doubts whether he’s looking up government issues on his cell phone or consulting high school chats.

4. Dress appropriately. Tennis shoes are very comfortable and casual wear too. But leave it for Sunday. I don’t want to wear loose clothes. Power has its forms. He demands a certain solemnity and formality in his attire. Be spartan, but elegant. Pay attention to the small details of your appearance. Comb your hair well and give a ball to your shoes. Protect what marketing consultants give. Remember that there is no upside to ridicule in the network.

5. Know the names of the people. People like to be called by their name. It’s a way to make them feel important, just as they are. Keep a memory on that. Or have an assistant carefully remind you who you’re talking to. Good politicians never forget that detail.

6. Reply to WhatsApp. You definitely answered all the campaign messages. And now the government does? I know that in a contextual situation, it is very difficult to reply to all the messages. But it doesn’t matter to the citizen. Not a friend or family member. You don’t know how many negative comments are generated for not replying to the message. Besides, they’ll count it everywhere.

7. Hide your impatience. Don’t be a desperate politician at work meetings or events. Politics is the profession of solving problems, but it is the part which today’s politicians like least. They get impatient and cannot hide it. They don’t have the patience to listen to requests. The impatience of the politician is the lack of respect for the people.

Seven Looks Every Politician Should Have

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