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Sergio Torres complains that Rocha Moya leads him to lawsuits

Sinaloa. – Governor Ruben Rocha Moya he spends it on lawsuits Thief Health Secretary, Hector Melecio Cuen Ojeda with and…

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Sinaloa. – Governor Ruben Rocha Moya he spends it on lawsuits Thief Health Secretary, Hector Melecio Cuen Ojeda with and Mayor of Culiacán, Jesus Estrada Ferreiro, And now any conflict is exploited to request the resignation of the moral leader of the PAS, which has led him to bet on citizens who say “they run it and others who resign,” state Said the leader of the civil movement, Sergio Torres Felix, who described Cuen Ojeda as a chambista.

I consider that It is very shameful to see the state president in the Semnara convention As he fired Cuen Ojeda, and the health official pretended not to notice, following warnings he was going to resign from officials who have lawsuits against journalists.

These cases entertain the Governor, who is only Central to this unit serve to avoid problemsWhich only shows that they are changing the things that plague Sinaloan families, which led them to express “don’t finish the Murray, don’t eliminate the brown government”.

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“Governor Rocha should grab the bull by the horns and make a decision, and that as governor” If he’s not comfortable with Kuen, let him dismiss him.Because he has powers. Sending messages or short notes to a governor feels very bad, and since he is going to send letters to secretaries, I think he should take the bull by the horns and if he wants to sack him, he should do so. “.

Torres Felix said it already sounds like a joke and they spend many hours working on sterile cases, which are of no use to Sinaloa. This lawsuit between Rocha and Cuen as well as Rocha and Estrada does not serve the people, because this lawsuit with their officials and municipal presidents has been too costly for us,” he confirmed.

He insists that Rocha Moya should not go around, because he is the governor as he says and gives orders, but it seems that he gives them several twists on the subject, amuses them and The next day he hits against QN’s base.

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It is the morning of the governor that people are going to see what he is going to say to the health secretary, and the big question arises that “the one who has no dignity, has become a Chambista political actor without principles and morals?” .

They believed that Rocha Moya had abused and neglected Cuen Ojeda, and that the moral leader of the PAS had tolerated reproach and mistakenly guessed a political wrong.

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