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Sergio Torres and Cuen. their message to

The political message continues, Movimiento Ciudadano leader Sergio Torres requested a community service during his Orange Conference; That someone informed…

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The political message continues, Movimiento Ciudadano leader Sergio Torres requested a community service during his Orange Conference; That someone informed the Health Secretary, Hector Melcio Cuen, that last Monday the governor fired him again.
The foregoing comes from a signal from the Semenera conference and a circular sent by Governor Rubén Rocha in which he has given his cabinet secretaries 48 hours to abstain from complaints against journalists or to resign.
The former mayor of Culiacán, Sergio Torres, once again suggests that the head of state’s health for Dignity’s sake should resign, as the executive ignores him. In passing, he called on Governor Rubén Rocha to make the decision and dismissed the state official.
Beyond the recommendations and suggestions of the leader of Movimiento Ciudadano in Sinaloa, the message is deeper, given that the party has always been an ally of the PAS and Hector Melcio Cuen Ojeda, whom he has led as a candidate. In fact, it was said that in a possible breakup with Murray, his path would be orange for 2024.
It would be important to ask what happened, Sergio Torres Felix is ​​currently one of the state leaders closest to the national leader of the Movimiento Ciudadano, Dante Delgado, who was later close to Cuen. Will there be a pause or will there be pressure to make a decision? Very attentive

due. The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) condemned the murder of EL Debate columnist Luis Enrique Ramírez and demanded that the perpetrators of the murder be brought to justice.
In a statement he expressed that the murder of Luis Enrique Ramírez was once again a reminder of the high price that journalists are paying in the exercise of their role as watchdogs of society.
The Director-General of UNESCO, Audrey Azoulay, recalled that this international organization promotes the protection of journalists through global awareness campaigns, training programs, and the United Nations Action Plan on the issue of journalists’ safety and impunity.
It is very important that organizations such as UNESCO condemn the crime of journalist Luis Enrique Ramírez as it resonates internationally in the demand for justice so that murder is not punished.

Sinaloa. Unsurprised that the state human rights commission actually has a chairman, its chief Jose Carlos lvarez Ortega this week presented his 2021 annual activity report to Governor Rubén Rocha Moya, as established by law.
Till two days back it was a situation that had completely disappeared from the map in the state, the chairman of ECHR has not been traced, he has no presence and he is not seen supporting or defending any noble cause. which they have to lead. ,
One example, the State Human Rights Commission condemned the murder of journalist Luis Enrique Ramírez, but it was through a statement that as an autonomous body, there was no person who showed his face to give the position, demanding demonstrations. With very little justice. Fortunately he did not present the report to the Governor with a statement.

political memory. “You are not because of what you write, but because of what you read”: Jorge Luis Borges.

Sergio Torres and Cuen. their message to

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