Tuesday, January 31, 2023
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SCT defends airworthiness system in Valley of Mexico

The federal government reported that this Saturday, a permanent work table was set up with organizations to analyze potential risks…

The federal government reported that this Saturday, a permanent work table was set up with organizations to analyze potential risks to pilots and passengers in the airspace of the Valley of Mexico. Whereas Air Traffic Controllers distance themselves from the incidents happening in AICM.

After refusing to report incidents while landing at Mexico City International Airport (AICM), and under pressure from various organizations, the Infrastructure, Communications and Transport Secretariat (SICT) announced this afternoon that it would immediately participate in “all security incidents”, as agreed with “international and national actors in aeronautical affairs”.

He also took the opportunity to defend the new Valley of Mexico Airworthiness Systemwhich he affirms is designed to be continuously evaluated, analyzed and updated, with which he asserts that it “has the ability to “accommodate the conditions and recommendations demanded by the daily activity of the aeronautical industry”. And under strict international safety standards…

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While he said that the work table set up today, which will be permanent, will have the task of “analyzing, examining and determining potential risk cases”, apart from putting in place both technical and administrative mechanisms to address the said risks.

Whereas the said Task Force, in addition to SICT, will be constituted by IATA (International Air Transport Association, in English), IFALPA (Federation of Air Line Pilots Association), blade (Trade Union Association of Aviator Pilots), AFAC (Federal Civil Aviation Agency), sepam (Aviators Pilot College of Mexico), senia (Navigation Services in Mexican Airspace) and synacta (National Union of Air Traffic Controllers).

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On the other hand, the National Union of Air Traffic Controllers (Cinecta) distanced itself from the rise in navigation incidents today. First phase of airspace redesign in the Valley of MexicoAttributing the defects to the seinem.

“We reject that air traffic controllers are responsible for a decline in service and an increase in air safety incidents. We also reported aviation accidents without listening and taking risk reduction measures, so we decided to make them public and In response we were branded as liars,” Cinecta said in a statement.

This, after IFALPA warned on Thursday that Felipe Angels International Airport (AIFA), in this MexicoFor which the airfield was redesigned, there have been constant alerts due to aircraft approaching the terrain (hills), diversions due to excessive delays and landing of aircraft with low fuel, apart from the fact that in the last month A crew nearly had a collision.

On the contrary, Cinacta assures, it has been the controllers who have primarily avoided accidents at AICM, even with workplace harassment they allege Cinem.

In addition, he recalled that he repeatedly warned the heads of SICT and AFAC about the possible consequences in the airspace due to the “incompetence and negligence” of the Director of SENIAM, Victor Manuel Hernandez,

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“Given the lack of interest in addressing and resolving complaints filed by the director of CineM, we hold him responsible for its consequences,” the union warned.

Not only arriving, but leaving AIFA is an odyssey despite taxis and mexiboso