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Scientists grow plants on NASA’s lunar land

United States. – For the first time, Scientists have succeeded in growing plants on the Moonwhich was collected by astronauts…

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United States. – For the first time, Scientists have succeeded in growing plants on the Moonwhich was collected by astronauts from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA,

Regarding the unprecedented project, scientists weren’t sure if anything could grow from hard lunar soil, but wanted to see if it could be used growing foodIt is in the framework of the next generation of lunar explorers.

Members of the Food and Agricultural Sciences Institute of the University of Florida planted saplings Arabidopsis land on the moon brought to earth by the astronauts of Apollo 11, Neil Armstrong, and Buzz Aldrin, as well as other Moonwalkers. All the seeds planted managed to germinate.

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However, after the first week, the roughness and other properties of the lunar soil affected the plants so much that they grew more slowly from Earth than those placed on simulated lunar soil.

It was Thursday when in the magazine communication biology The results of an experiment conducted by Florida scientists were published, where it was discovered that the more exposed the soil to the cosmic graduation and solar wind on the Moon, the worse it was for plants.

“It’s a big step forward to learn that you can grow plants,” said Simon Gilroy, a space plant biologist at the University of Wisconsin-Madison who was not involved in the project.

Samples of Apollo 11, which were uncovered by some 2 billion more The years were the least favorable for plant growth, as noted by scientists, because of the age of the ocean surface of the Tranquility.

It was discovered that the lunar soil is filled with tiny glass fragments due to the effect of micrometers, so a solution of this could be used geologically young place To succeed in digging and planting soil on the moon.

“The fact that something is sprouting means we already have a good starting point and the question now is how do we adapt and improve it,” said Sharmila Bhattacharya, NASA’s program scientist for space biology.

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Ideally, the people in charge of the study indicated that future astronauts take advantage of lunar soil for planting in greenhouses, rather than setting up a system. hydroponicWhich is completely water based.

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Scientists grow plants on NASA’s lunar land

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