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Sasha Sokol Reveals Whether She Already Legally Condemned Luis De Llano

Mexico. Mexican singer Sasha Socol, former member of the Timbirich group, discovers whether he has legally condemned Luis De Llano…

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Mexico. Mexican singer Sasha Socol, former member of the Timbirich group, discovers whether he has legally condemned Luis De Llano for his alleged misconduct towards him, And it is in the Ventaneando program where you share this information.

Sasha Sokol is interviewed by several media outlets at Benito Juárez International Airport in CDMX, and confirms that he has not yet legally denounced producer Luis De Llano, With whom he had a romantic relationship at the age of 14 and he was 39.

“The day I condemn, they will find out the hearts. I hope the women and men who are victims can raise their voices and find justice above all,” says Sasha, singer of musical successes such as Nothing Surprise Me.

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Sasha emphasizes that the situation Di Llano has dealt with over the years in relation to the alleged abuse she has been subjected to is a very, very difficult one. When it has been tried to face questions from relatives and journalists, as it happens now.

The shadow of the emotional relationship that existed between Sasha Sokol and Luis De Llano for several decades has manifested itself, and weeks earlier the producer was interviewed by Yordi Rosado for his YouTube channel, saying that Sasha had “bitten him”. And that they only lasted for months.

Such a statement upset Sasha, who revealed herself on her social network and denied the producer, who is the brother of actress and producer Julissa, saying that they lasted just two years. And in the period he abused her, Sasha was also 14 and Louis was 39.

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A few days ago Sasha Sokol, 51, in the network assured that she would take legal action against the producer and warned her: “See you in court”, and with this implied that she would pursue legal action against him. Will grow.

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