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Sanchez’s weapons to stop his fall in the election

The president of the government, Pedro Sánchez, is falling in the elections, but his successful candidates would be mistaken to…

By admin , in news , at May 29, 2022

The president of the government, Pedro Sánchez, is falling in the elections, but his successful candidates would be mistaken to think that the elections have been won and that they will have to wait for him to fall alone, without doing anything. The President has demonstrated in this week Davos Forum that he is determined to talk to whomever, and it should not be denied that something good happens to him at some point, as it was good for him to gain power after being expelled from the PSOE. Over the years the president has made it clear that he doesn’t care much for Spain and the Spanish, but the challenge of staying in power and silencing those watching him outside makes him happier than anyone else, and no doubt about it. that he will try

The economic statistics play against it due to global constraints and its disastrous management, but the opposition must devise its own strategy, in case the sudden execution takes place. european fund starts working, something that Spain could very well use. Minister Nadia Calvin They have always said that they will pick up cruising pace this year in 2022. Although we are already halfway through the year, they haven’t and it looks like they’ll be able to achieve it at some point, and then the executive won’t hesitate to score some fundraisers whose amount isn’t that high. Not because of Sanchez’s ability, but because our economy was at its worst.

The strategy for the recovery plan for our economy has a new chapter this week that deals with the project microchips Funded with European funds. The government with great enthusiasm announced an initiative that was well received by industry (of course, it’s better than nothing), but whose investment of ₹12,250 million falls short given that factories It costs a company like Samsung about 10,000 million or so to manufacture. Over 300,000 million has been allocated for a similar project in just five years. It should come as no surprise that the agreements made by Sánchez in Davos to invest in Spain were not particularly prominent: 200 million from Intel over the next ten years to build semiconductors in Barcelona.

With European funds, Sanchez has another weapon to win the vote public spending, Along these lines, this week’s biggest offer public employment economist of history Fernando Mendez Ibisette Commented on our podcast this week economics debate That he did not think that the 3.5 million public servants in Spain were necessary as they are today. They don’t believe they will make the country richer, nor make public services more competitive, but in the Sanchez government they probably believe it will help them get a few more votes.

This would, in any case, be another expense to add to 50,000 million euros per year. structural deficit Which Spain has, and which will have to be managed by the next government. The GDP growth added to this slab is lower than expected this year, and some say it will still be less than what is being commented on. economist Lorenzo Bernaldo de Queiros speaks of GDP growth for the year between 2.5% and 3.5%, and general council of economists puts it at 3.9%, compared to the 7% that the government was recently talking about reducing it to 4.3%. These figures, with our high debt (about 118%) and unemployment (13.5%) and the ensuing increase in interest rates by the European Central Bank, are enough to ask anyone who knows for help settling accounts. But the government thinks it is doing very well and will try to stay in that order if it gets enough votes.

Sanchez’s weapons to stop his fall in the election

2022-05-29 02:16:08