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Sanchez will hide his government partners in Davos to attract investors

when is it celebrated Davos Forum (Switzerland) It’s time to take a closer look at Pedro Sanchez’s staging. The moment…

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when is it celebrated Davos Forum (Switzerland) It’s time to take a closer look at Pedro Sanchez’s staging. The moment the President of the Government displays Spain to the world and sells the product that is . is devoted to to ruin the rest of the year.

This will happen third part De Sanchez said at this economic event that, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the in-person has not been held since January 2020 and had to delay his call for several months this year.

Davos 2020

Exactly in January 2020, Sanchez was already to go to Davos to present to the cream of the planet how the only coalition between socialists and one party extreme left With anti-capitalist voices.

Sanchez is already hidden We can do it in his day. It was presented in Davos Nadia Calvin You Theresa Rivera Whereas Paul Church He stayed in Spain. President tried to sell confidence in Spain’s economic plans, meeting with Tim CookThe CEO of Apple, and those responsible for Google or ArcelorMittal in Europe, as well as others.

In 2021, Sanchez invited 70 celebrities to telematic meetings but almost half failed

In 2021, and already in the midst of a pandemic, the Davos Forum was held online. Sánchez scheduled a meeting for September 14 where he hoped to connect closely. 70 guests, but they failed him almost halfway. I was trying to explain to them the importance of attracting capital to Spain to invest in a country undergoing transformation, which was about to receive a lot of money. european fund Due to the effects of the pandemic.

That year, Sanchez tried to save it with a trip America To meet with representatives of JP Morgan, black Rockapple o Netflix, Always without the presence of their government allies to avoid the suspicion of the world’s elite.


In 2022, Pedro Sánchez will once again have a physical presence in this idyllic area east Swiss where he would particularly focus on showing Spanish competence in such a field microchips, He believes that the country can become an important center for the design and manufacture of these components.

To present Spain’s plans in the region, it will hold a meeting with the CEOs of four major companies in the region: IntelQualcomm, Micron and Cisco.

To all of them it will expand the content of the Strategic Project for Economic Reform and Transformation (PERTE) on Chips and Microconductors, which will involve public investment. €11 billion,

Spain’s economic growth and medium-term forecast are not the best to present to future investors. FM cuts Spain’s development until 1.6%loss prices Still fired inflation open and Salary They don’t give for more.

Blackstone Review

Sanchez will replicate and expand the company in Davos. Teresa Ribera, José Manuel Albers and Reyes Marotto will try to give credibility and seriousness to a government that still relies on the extreme left. yolanda diazoo and prisoner of independence To approve the budget.

There have already been several calls for attention to those accounts BrusselsHowever he was eventually approved with a promise of “a prudent fiscal policy”.

Pedro Sanchez will have more problems when it comes to dealing with the leaders of the big real estate funds. black Stone You black Rock Keep up with the scathing criticism of Podemos Irene Monteiro hey Eoin Belara, The housing law affects both of these companies because of the interference of rental prices and Sánchez will use diplomacy so that he continues to believe in investing in Spain.

Whether Spain can lead the digital transformation will depend on the agreements Sánchez closed in Davos and his ability to take his trading partners out of the picture. alliance,


more than 50 heads of state and governmentWith approximately 300 government representatives as well as more than 1,250 private sector leaders, as well as nearly 100 global innovators and technology pioneers.

Similarly, in Davos, civil society will be represented by more than 200 leaders. ongSocial Entrepreneurs, Academics, Labor Organizations, Groups religious and faith-based, and more than 400 media and press leaders.

ibex 35

Spanish business representation will be present Jose Maria Alvarez-PalettePresident and Chief Executive Officer of Telefónica, and Ignacio Sanchez GalanThe President and CEO of Iberdrola, as the main representatives of the large Spanish listed companies, who will be attending the event as speakers.

Also on the list of attendees of the Ibex 35 at Davos event is CEO of Josu John Imaz. RepsolApart from the chairman of the BBVA, francisco renesoPresident and Chief Executive Officer of Naturgy, and Rafael Del PinoCEO of Ferrovial.

Sanchez will hide his government partners in Davos to attract investors

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