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Sanchez doesn’t know what he’s talking about or just repeats what they write to him

With a room half full or half empty at the Davos Forum, our President, in a display of his ability…

By admin , in news , at June 1, 2022

With a room half full or half empty at the Davos Forum, our President, in a display of his ability to soar to the skies of great world managers and become His Holiness, either didn’t know what to say, or that There is a parrot who reads only what is written on it.

“Employments are rising, deficits are narrowing and the export sector and tourism recover to pre-crisis levels and act as engines of this growth.” Our ignorant president marked a part of his speech, if it were true, with this beautiful phrase.

And I say ignorant, because it is stronger to call him a liar, and ignorance may be the result of preparing speech for him, in the key of gluttony, than to admit it, as bank of spainWe are the worst country in the European Union.

Obviously I am doing what the President does: I say but I do not prove that what the President has said is a liar, and therefore, even the gullible, the foolish and the liar I may be I can

Let’s go to work. A few days ago I published an article with active population surveyIn which he told that there has been a decline of 0.5% in employment as compared to the last quarter of the year.

It’s true that we’ve reached 20 million jobs, but the president either isn’t told, or he forgets that we reached him in December, and he We lost 100,000 jobs in the first quarter of the year, But what he doesn’t want to remind is that the highest percentage of jobs created in 2021 was through public administration, which created over 230,000 jobs, and it’s very easy to cheat in solitaire, but then those 230,000 new public employees. Must be paid with money that does not come from their pockets, but from taxes paid by Spanish workers and merchants.

Employment did not increase this year.

“The deficit is reduced.” Here I think he took something that made him prone to amnesia.

Sanchez knows, and it must be in his head, that The European Commission has just told him it can’t go on like this6% at the deficit level and 60% at double the loan.

The pervert, who wrote the speech to the president, would have forgotten the recent beating of the governor of the Bank of Spain against the Spanish government and, moreover, published the monthly historical series with the losses that have been accumulating throughout and that is Allow me to show that so far this century our debt has increased by 1 trillion euros (1,000,000,000,000).

It is important to remember that the deficit that creates is the need for borrowing and as we can see, between March 2022 and March 2021 the debt only increased by 60,874 million euros.

Anyone can tell me that of course, I manage the data the way I want and in the EPA I compared it to last quarter, not a year ago, but I don’t intend to manipulate, but whatever speech It is written that it has to be fixed. For a president full of lies

In the first quarter of the year, debt has increased nothing more than 26,713 million euros; Yes, in the quarter with the highest tax collection in the history of Spain. Collections have reached 54,749 million euros, compared to 45,530 million in the same period of 2021 or 43,402 million in the first quarter of 2019.

At this rate we could end up with another 100,000 million in debt this year.

And to end, I’m going to give the speechwriters another slap in the face.

Tourism and its recovery at the pre-crisis level. What an insane bullshit.

We have received 9.7 million tourists this first quarter, which is 4.5 million less than the same period in 2019, or which is the same, down 32%.

If the recovery from the pre-crisis level is to be 32% less than the year 2019, it is that the writer is stupid, too stupid, or wants to call all of us a fool who read the crap written for the president. read like a parrot

We have a president who believes what he dreams, believes what they write to him and sings with a voice of conviction, but he is not aware of what is really happening in this country. doesn’t know anything.

Sanchez doesn’t know what he’s talking about or just repeats what they write to him

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