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San Ignacio City Council celebrates Mother’s Day

San Ignacio, Sinaloa. – A long fun was held by the mothers of the municipal seat of San Ignacio, Sinaloa,…

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San Ignacio, Sinaloa. – A long fun was held by the mothers of the municipal seat of San Ignacio, Sinaloa, who gathered from 7:00 p.m. on the esplanade of the municipal palace, where Apart from setting up tables and chairs, the city council decorated the place with balloons.Because he was also given a delicious dinner.

Before starting the festivities, Mayor Octavio Bastidas Manjarez gave a brief message to the women present, but not before going to the table to congratulate them.

He expressed that the date is very important to him, as it is Mother’s Day, which undoubtedly represents the core pillar of every family, and said that he thanked God for keeping his mother alive, to whom he congratulated. Gave.

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He also added that Simultaneously the celebration was taking place in different associations, such as Ajoya, Dimas, Piaxtla, Coyotetan, Ixpalino. and some police stations.

He invited mothers to have fun and forget their problems for a moment “Today we must put aside all our problems, all the details that we experience inside our homes, this fun now It’s about doing and giving to each and every moms out here, thank you for being present, today we have to be healthy, we have to respect each other above all,” said Mayer.

San Ignacio City Council Celebrates Mother’s Day | Photo: Yolanda Tenorio

“As mayor I am greatly honored and flattered, I am a public servant and I am all for what is offered. I want a united San Ignacio, a San Ignacio for all the people of Sinaloa and Mexico Represents the best traditions of its people, have fun, congratulations and God bless you,” said Bastidas Manjarez.

It was a very fun night where the ladies danced to the beat of a versatile group till late in the night.

They also participated in raffles for various electrical items for the home, items for your kitchen, and much more.

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The celebration ended without incident and was always guarded by elements of public safety and city traffic.

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San Ignacio City Council celebrates Mother’s Day

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