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Salinas Plego offers to donate to save palm trees at CDMX

CDMX.- Mexico’s third richest man, Ricardo Salinas Plego offers possible solutions to remove palm trees from Paseo de Reforma AvenueMexico…

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CDMX.- Mexico’s third richest man, Ricardo Salinas Plego offers possible solutions to remove palm trees from Paseo de Reforma AvenueMexico City, where an insect was found.

Through his verified Twitter account “@RicardoBSalinas”, he offered to donate money to be able to fight the “bugs” and save the 7 palm trees that still remain in the coveted spot in the Mexican capital.

Salinas Pligo put on the table one peso for every peso donated by citizensTo raise funds and “deep fumigation”.

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“In the photo there are 9 dead palm trees … infected with a parasite, 7 live palm trees are left. Remedy: 1 Remove the dead ones along with all things and insects. 2 Deeply fumigate the remaining 7. Let’s go. Unite as citizens and save these palm trees before they kill the parasites,” Electra’s owner posted on the little blue bird’s social network along with a photo of the area.

Soon after, in another tweet, he proposed financial aid, and conducted a survey to find out the opinion of his followers. As of the moment of writing this text, the “Yes, I will donate” option wins with 88.3 percent, up from the “No, let them die” 11.7%.

“How can we help? I put 1 peso for every peso you donate… I’ll read your opinion on this topic. If you dare to save them, trust me, we The parasites that kill the palm are going to fight the insects. Trees,” said Ricardo Salinas Fold.

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It should be noted that cdmx governmentClaudia Sheinbaum Pardo of Moreno, conducted a survey among the residents of the capital to decide which tree would replace the popular palm. The result was overwhelmingly in favor of Ahuhute, which has a presence in the territories of Mexico, Guatemala, the United States, and is characterized by its dimensions.

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