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Salinas Plego accuses central banks of causing inflation

Mexico. – Businessman Ricardo Salinas Plego assures that inflation is caused by the world’s central banks through issuance”Fiat money“, which…

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Mexico. – Businessman Ricardo Salinas Plego assures that inflation is caused by the world’s central banks through issuance”Fiat money“, which is not supported and cannot be exchanged for gold or silver.

Through his official Twitter account, Salinas Pligo responded to a tweet by reporter Carolina Rocha, who asked what families do in the face of rising prices due to inflation, and assured that they are central bank responsible for inflation,

According to the billionaire, it is through the issuance of fiat money that central banks fuel inflation in economies, and he added that Take advantage of stealing “purchasing power” from usersHence “nothing to do” in this situation.

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,Inflation is caused by the world’s central banks issuing FIAT money without any support and Really stealing purchasing power from those of us who use that crappy money. Retirement of pensioners has been waived. His wallet to the poorest. Nothing to do,” Ricardo Salinas explained.

Salinas Pligo vs US Federal Reserve

The owner of Grupo Salinas, who has become an avid promoter cryptocurrencyhas previously accused public sector banks of causing inflation, particularly United States Federal Reserve,

In an interview with Pascal Hooghly for bitcoin magazineSalinas Pligo criticized the US Federal Reserve Filled the world with “fake money”To convert the US dollar into the world’s reserve currency, creating dependence on its currency and increasing it at one’s convenience.

,Inflation is the most unfair taxTotally unfair because, number one: it’s hidden and it affects people who have less (…) Look what the Federal Reserve has done in the United States. Dollar is the world’s reserve currency, we are all hooked on the dollar whether we like it or not, and these people have increased the money supply from 1 trillion to 9 trillion. Unbelievable, unbelievable,” he said.

The businessman called the United States central bank “cynical” for “masking” the facts by announcing that it was buying bonds, when in fact it is. Borrow “fake money” Without any thought, to charge more later.

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,They filled the world with fake money, with no savings, and I like the way they approach things, they are so crazy, They say: The Federal Reserve is buying bonds. It doesn’t sound too bad if you say you buy something, but how about this: The Federal Reserve is lending money like a drunken sailor, right and left, to whatever comes along. It doesn’t sound so good, because when you lend money you have to collect it, right? Where did they get it? How have they lent it? it was fake moneyRicardo Salinas explained.

Mexico’s third-richest man has even recommended his social media followers to invest their money in bitcoin, asserting that it is the best way to protect their money against the effects of inflation, and even that some of their companies, such as Electra, accept payment through that cryptocurrency.

Salinas Plego accuses central banks of causing inflation

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