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Saddam Hussein plans attack on Kurds

history in debate 14 May 1972 The failure of the agitators in high school. An attempt to bring the turmoil…

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history in debate

14 May 1972

The failure of the agitators in high school. An attempt to bring the turmoil and chaos back to Los Mochis High School failed when the overwhelming majority of students turned their backs on the FEUS envoy, who intended to re-heat the student body. Yesterday a large number of students attended their classes, which are already returning to normal, as all the teachers are presenting themselves. The agitators apparently hoped that there would be more students to return to charge and begin student chaos.

American troops block Hanoi. Washington. President Richard Nixon’s order to mine North Vietnamese ports has been successfully fulfilled as the US government carefully monitors the Soviet Union’s response to the blockade action. Nixon’s decision to mine North Vietnamese ports and bomb routes with China was seen as the biggest threat to a confrontation between the two superpowers. The Western world reacted cautiously to the drastic measures.

Cuquita de Vargas waiting for the stork, Friends of kind lady Cuquita Landeros de Vargas organized a baby shower for her as she was about to take home a sweet surprise. During the warm ceremony, he expressed his best wishes for the blessed program to be registered. Mrs. de Vargas was accompanied by Figueroa’s widow Lupita, Mica de Golart, Yamila de Mexia, María de Rodriguez, Lupita de Zazueta and many others. Mrs. Rosita de Mercado was a kind hostess.

14 May 1997

They authorize the bridge to El Maviri. The SCT authorized the government of the State of Sinaloa so that, through Cocosine, it could take charge of the construction of the El Maviri Bridge on the same terms as the work tendered in December 1996. The foregoing was informed by Mayor Francisco. López Brito, head of the Infrastructure and Roads Commission, after receiving notification from Senator Emilio Goicchia. Legislators celebrate that Governor Renato Vega has accepted the offer to take over.

They declare the children of Raul Salinas. The children of Ral Salinas de Gortari, Mexico City Juan Manuel and Mariana Salinas Pasalagua, presented their statements before a judge at the Northern Prison. But a confrontation with Raul Salinas’ former escort was averted because he did not attend the summons. Both youths were questioned about whether they knew that Paulina Castanón allegedly tried to offer money or threatened to change her statement to the escort, which they denied. Lawyers for Paulina Castanon also participated in the hearing.

Hussein plans attack on Kurds, Cairo. A Kurdish leader has warned that Iraqi President Saddam Hussein is preparing an attack on the Kurds, claiming they are interfering with water supplies. The leader of Kurdistan’s Iranian-backed Patriotic Union, Jalal Talabani, denied that his group was reducing the flow of water from reservoirs in the north. He said he would happily meet with international observers to see it through.

Saddam Hussein plans attack on Kurds

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