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Russian tourists spend 21 times more in Spain than British

In this second report on tourism, we are going to analyze how many tourists visit our country and what is…

By admin , in news , at May 17, 2022

In this second report on tourism, we are going to analyze how many tourists visit our country and what is the average income per tourist visiting Spain.

What we can infer is that there are many surprises in this analysis.

Let’s remember that two of the five countries are from the European Union. Germany You Francetwo european, United Kingdom You RussiaAnd this AmericaConcentrates 80% of the total income from tourism. Or what is so, with the rest of the world we generate only 20% of the income.

The first thing that will draw our attention is that this distribution in terms of the number of tourists is not kept at all.

As we can see, these five countries average only 55% in the years with the highest number of tourists, compared to 80% of the income of these five countries.

The country that contributes the largest number of tourists to Spain’s economy is undoubtedly, United Kingdom, which reached its maximum in 2017 with 18.8 million, the year it came to represent 23% of the total number of tourists received by Spain. Since then, British tourist arrivals have been declining, reaching 21.6% in 2019. That year we lost 800,000 tourists from the British Isles. In 2021, which we all know is still a far cry from the 2019 figure, British tourists accounted for only 13.6%.

The year 2022 will tell us whether Brexit Spain is affecting the decline in UK tourism.

The country is second in importance in the number of tourists Germany, which reached its all-time high in 2017 with 11.9 million tourists, which was 14.5% of our total number of visitors. In the year 2021, the Germans helped by 16.7% to make up for the small number of tourists we received.

France This is the third country to send us tourists. This is at a steady figure of about 11.2 million visits, and represents an average of 13.8%, except in 2021, when it exceeds Germany with 5.8 million tourists and 18.7% of the total.

In terms of income, Russia It was the number two country, but in terms of the number of tourists received, it ranks fifth on the list, behind the United States.

Russia averages 1.2 million and represents only 1.5% of the total number of tourists, while in terms of income it represents 20%.

It is clear that not all tourists in our country leave the same amount of money and, moreover, there is a big difference between what a Briton spends and what a French spends, and what a Russian spends.

The highest per-tourist spending occurred in 2021, with an average of 937 euros left by tourists visiting our country, while 2019 saw tourists leave 853 euros, the year with the highest income from tourism.

loss top 5 countries They are 141.7% higher than the national average, thus demonstrating what we have clarified when analyzing income: 80% come from these five countries and only 55% from tourists.

The least money contributor is the French tourist, which leaves 857 euros in 2021, an increase of 24% compared to 2016.

German tourists have left 952 euros in 2021, 11% more than the French, and an increase of 22.3% compared to 2016.

The British, who leave the most money from the old European Union, account for 44% of the Germans, and the French over 60%.

Visitors to the United States spend 2,212 euros per tourist who visits us, but undoubtedly, the king of this party is Russian. The average is around €12,000 per visitor, but in 2021 they have exceeded this average, reaching €29,581 per visitor. This figure is 21.5 times more than the British.

It is now clear to all of us that, if the British reduce visitors because of Brexit, and the Russians cannot come because of the war in Ukraine, our tourism is going to be a slap in the face, not just 14,000 million . But it’s going to be much bigger than the potential downfall of the British as we saw in the previous article.

If a million British tourists stop visiting, we lose about 1,400 million euros.

Russian tourists spend 21 times more in Spain than British

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