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Russian soldier sentenced to life imprisonment – El Financiero

a ukrainian court condemned on this monday life imprisonment yet 21 year old Russian soldier to kill a civilian first…

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a ukrainian court condemned on this monday life imprisonment yet 21 year old Russian soldier to kill a civilian first trial For war crime It is celebrated since the start of the Russian invasion three months ago.

sergeant Vadim Shishmarin it was announced wrongful from shoot a 62 year old man in the head in a village in the north-eastern region of sumiin the first days of the conflict.

he said he shot Alexander Shelipov After being ordered to do so. He told the court that an officer insisted that the man, who was on his cell phone, be able to indicate his position to the Ukrainian military.

Ukrainian prosecutor’s office investigates thousands of potential war crimesWhile there is increasing international pressure on Russia to respond to its invasion.

The effects of the war have been felt outside Ukraine as well, and continue to grow. energy prices And this combustible, The United Nations Said The Conflict Has Helped Increase in the number of displaced people around the world at its highest level on record, with more than Worldwide 100 million people were evicted from their homes,

In this context, the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr ZelenskyAsked for sanctions this Monday”maximsEarlier in a remote speech against Russia World Economic Forumannual gathering of officials, government envoys and other influential people DavosSwiss.

President said sanctions to stop Russian aggression should go further and include oil embargoThe blockade of all their banks and complete commercial isolation from Russia.

Zelensky said that his country had stalled Russian progress and that the courage of his people had inspired unprecedented unity in the diplomatic world.

on the ground, Russian military doubles down on industrial stronghold in eastern Ukraine, Donbass, where now the battle is concentrated. Ukrainian and Russian armies fight from city to city, while the population flees from violence.

President of the United States of America, Joe Bidenand the Prime Minister of Japan, fumio kishida, condemned the Russian invasion of Ukraine from Tokyo. Earlier in his Asia tour, Biden signed legislation to give Ukraine other grants 40 billion dollars In US aid to defend against Russian attack.

Ukrainian troops were infiltrating the eastern city svierodonetsk, the most important city under Ukrainian control in the Luhansk province, which is part of the Donbass. Governor Serhi Haidai accused the Russian army of “deliberately trying to destroy the city … with a scorched-earth strategy.”

Haidai said Russian fighters captured several cities in Luhansk round the clock attacks And they were accumulating troops and weapons there after receiving reinforcements from Kharkiv in the northwest, Mariupol in the south, and from inside Russia.

Ukrainian military says Russian forces have failed in their offensive oleksandrivkaA village on the outskirts of the city.

Ukraine’s parliament approved on Sunday martial law passed And by 23 August mobilized its armed forces for the third time. Ukrainian officials have not given much information on their casualties since the start of the war, although Zelensky said on Sunday that 50 to 100 Ukrainian fighters were being killed in the east, apparently a day.