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Rosario Robles’ case will not be reviewed by Arturo Zaldivar

CDMX.- Minister President of the Supreme Court of the Nation (SCJN), Arturo Zaldivar refuses to review Rosario Roblese’s case Reflecting…

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CDMX.- Minister President of the Supreme Court of the Nation (SCJN), Arturo Zaldivar refuses to review Rosario Roblese’s case Reflecting on her, after her visit to Santa Martha Acatitla Women’s Prison in the hands of magistrates and judges And there is no reason for the Federal Judiciary Council (CJF) to participate.

during his Santa Martha Prison Tour On May 11, 2022, which he described as “historic”, Arturo Zaldivar listened to Rosario Robles, who gave him documents he questioned Faults of informal preventive detention,

The President of the Court insisted that the former Secretary of Social Development (Sedesol) had the knowledge not to mention his case specifically, but coincidentally with other female prisoners, and pointed out that Their challenges are in the hands of judges and magistrates,

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“Mrs. Rosario Robles was in the meeting, she spoke, she did not discuss her personal matterLet’s take on the general and serious issues that pertain to women, and it was she who sent me these thematic formats to analyze issues such as informal preventive detention …”, Zaldivar explained.

The minister, however, insisted that during the meeting the former official clarified that it was not about him nor did he insist that his case be reviewed, and that he does not believe that the Federal Judiciary Council should ” Exception” must be intervened.

,There is no issue that should be reviewed at the CJF level and there is no caveat that an exception should be madeIf in review of cases we see that any issue arises, it can be analysed, but there are issues in which it is not possible to intervene as the matter is in the hands of judges and magistrates,” he explained.

He assured that Rosario Robles, who was one of the organizers of the meeting, understood that his visit to Santa Martha Prison should not be politicized, as 660 female prisoners requested through a letter, which was eventually achieved. it was done.

,she was another apprenticeI understand he did organizational work, but I’m here for over 600 prisoners or it could be used politically, he didn’t even use travel politically,” Zaldivar clarified about Robles. Did.

The SCJN president said he heard sad and complicated stories, and even received gifts and two songs were dedicated to him.

On the other hand, he recognized that Mexico has “abuse of informal preventive detention”With people who have been in prison for years without getting punished, when this precautionary measure should be extraordinary.

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Zaldivar considered that her visit to the women’s prison was somewhat “historic” and “may have consequences”. He said, “If we don’t take measures, it won’t stop being an anecdote. It’s not about me, if it was about me it would be a stupid boast.”

At their meeting, the President of the Court was accompanied by his wife Mariana, as well as Alejandra Spitalier, Fabiana Estrada and Carlos Castanos: the General Secretary, the Coordinator of the Advisers and the Head of the Office of the Presidency of the SCJN, respectively, as well as of the Presidency of the Council of the Judiciary. As Secretary General, Carlos Alpizar.

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Rosario Robles’ case will not be reviewed by Arturo Zaldivar

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