Tuesday, November 29, 2022
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Rosario dares to condemn

Today I will present to you a Venus story of reflection and message. Maybe it’s another matter of them we’ve…

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Today I will present to you a Venus story of reflection and message. Maybe it’s another matter of them we’ve published, but no, it’s different for me because a guy shared it with me. Yes, a man is reporting to assist a woman.

For a year, Rosario survived and suffered all kinds of constant abuse. A real mental torture that gave her the idea that she deserved to be a victim of violence. After being brutally beaten in the most heinous way possible, he cured himself without asking or asking for help from anyone. One fine day, he mustered up his courage and decided to call up a friend and tell him what he was doing with his partner. He showed her signs of abuse, bruises and scratches, but she still hoped that her partner (aggressor) might change.

“No one is going to support you, without me you are nothing. You need me so that you can live a happy life without problems, especially financially, you don’t know how to do anything,” her partner told her so that Rosario felt that he was nothing without her.

One day, Rosario remarks, he reaches home and notices that the sides of his car have suffered serious injuries. Immediately, he received a message on his cell phone, in which he said: “Do you like how I cleaned your car?” He immediately realized that this was his partner.

He attacked her last when he came to her house and threatened her with a knife. He told her that if he left her, she already knew what would happen to her, and shouldn’t even try. A year went by in that relationship of physical and emotional violence, but it never stopped.

She knew she had to get out of this stormy situation, but she didn’t know how. It was through his friend that they went to report the attack to the relevant authorities, and his case was followed up promptly and promptly.

Unfortunately, most violence against women occurs within families, by their partners. Lack of economic independence is one of the major barriers for violent women to leave their relationships. The first thing a woman should do in a situation of violence is to regain her self-esteem, to recognize what she is good at, what skills she has. The feeling of economic self-reliance is a process which, according to experts, builds up gradually.

If you are going through a similar situation, you can call the following telephone numbers: CAVI: 6699-85-50-55, Immuzar: 6699-15-80-75.

My recognition to this man, who helped his friend Rosario to gain the confidence and security to denounce the attacker and that nothing more unfortunate would happen.

We have to be aware that violence and aggression against women is a very short form of feminism. And that if men are part of the problem, they too can contribute and be part of the solution.