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role of today’s mother

“Equity doesn’t mean everyone gets the same. Equity means everyone gets what they need.” This is said by American writer…

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“Equity doesn’t mean everyone gets the same. Equity means everyone gets what they need.” This is said by American writer Rick Riordan and I think it is a very good way to define fairness. This argument comes from the fact that yesterday was Mother’s Day in Mexico and it makes me reflect on the role of mothers today.

And that is, the role of motherhood has undergone radical changes during the past decades, thanks to various movements in favor of gender equality, women’s transformation and the needs of modern society.

This is undoubtedly due to the fact that women have been effectively integrated into the labor force and empowered themselves with their right to get a good education as well as the opportunity to work professionally.

And, although the old role of mother still exists in many cultures, and in some cases it is imposed as an obligation that women must fulfill in order not to go against the social nucleus, there are those who voluntarily become older. Return to customs, the former mutual consent as a family, for a better division of labour.

And so, I believe that in terms of the role of the mother, the greatest achievement of recent years is not that women have become completely independent of gender stereotypes, but an increasingly strong triumph of freedom to choose.

For this reason, I believe that all of us who believe that women are the strongest sex in society should begin to move forward in balance with the new responsibilities of those who have decided to become mothers, But there is also a collaborative support. Labor matters to families and, of course, those who, as the head of the family, are the pillars and main providers for their children.

For all of this, I believe that a progressive society that moves toward well-being, without stopping to respect the role of mothers in a population, should begin to advance men and women together in what is called the new masculinity. Where parents are also growing rapidly. What was previously classified as the sole responsibility of women in pairs, such as: housework, taking care of children, moving with them, being aware of their health, their actions, their education, among many others.

Thus, I want to congratulate all mothers on their day, but, above all, recognize them because only women can be the most dedicated and skilled workers, while at the same time taking a moment to look after their children. We see examples of this everywhere, every day, for those who are not neglected, if necessary in their lives.

For my part, the best example I had was with my mom, who taught me to be supportive, grateful, and to help those in need, plus she showed me that it’s hard work, effort, and commitment that opens the way to wellness. .

For all this, I recognize my wife Monica, my life partner, the best ally in building our family, who is my greatest pride and my greatest treasure.

Congratulations to all moms!

role of today’s mother

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