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Roemer accuses Godoy and FGJCDMX of fabricating cases against him

Office of the Attorney General of Mexico City (fgjcdmx) created two investigation folders for rape and sexual abuse against Andrew…

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Office of the Attorney General of Mexico City (fgjcdmx) created two investigation folders for rape and sexual abuse against Andrew RomerAccording to the former diplomat.

This Tuesday, through a video shared on her social network, the television host directly accused the head of the CDMX prosecutor’s office, Ernestina GodoyTo put together two of the four interrogations against him in Mexico City with false evidence to which he and his lawyers have also not been given access.

In his video message, Roemer explained that one of the alleged victims, Monserrat, had, in addition to changing his testimony from “misconduct” to “abuse,”double rape”, assures that the attack took place on November 25, 2017, when Romer was in DallasTexas, where he traveled with his family for a surgery in which his son showed, in addition to previous consultations, a stamped passport photograph, flight information, hotel reservations and doctor’s testimony.

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At the same time, in the second case, the case of his friend’s ex-wife Paola has come to the fore. paul corkadiRoemer said that on March 21, 2008, he was recording the “El Debate” program live when the rape occurred. Project 40Highlighting that in addition to the testimony of those present in the recording studio, there is also the production log, as well as the statements of the people with whom he went to eat after finishing the recording.

At this point, he also assured that the complaint came after the alleged victim’s divorce with her friend did not end on good terms, and after a year of close friendship, as well as her son’s years. was named Godfather. 2008 onwards.

Similarly, regarding the case, which she only learned through friends, because it is one of the folders in which the CDMX prosecutor’s office does not give her access, she said that Paola had shared with her ex. Son would also be condemned. The husband had given them both at the time of marriage for abusing the son.


In the end, Roemer announced that he would file a lawsuit for moral damages, demanding a fair trial, as he had assured that the CDMX prosecutor’s office would continue to uphold the principle of innocence by launching an open campaign for its alleged victims. has been violated. After opening the investigation by the principle of “condemn”crime news”, from anonymous allegations in a Twitter account.

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Similarly, he alleged that FGJCDMX requested a red search file from Interpol with false allegations, without looking at how and what he was accused of, and did not recognize his lawyer and the evidence that supported him. Defense has been introduced to prove his innocence.