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Rocha Moya plans a telethon center here

It seems as though criticism and demands for transparency from Mazatlán’s municipal president were raised by ordinary citizens as well…

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It seems as though criticism and demands for transparency from Mazatlán’s municipal president were raised by ordinary citizens as well as organisations. Every time Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres receives a question he finds uncomfortable, he takes the easy way out through sarcasm, if not through silent exits. Just a few days ago he said that he ignores mitotes. After questioning the contract for 400.8 million pesos signed by the Citizen Observatory without any bids with the company Azteca Lingting for the purchase of 2,139 luminaires. This means that each of them will cost the treasury about 187 thousand pesos. For anyone, the amounts represent a premium and lead anyone to be skeptical. But for the municipality there is no irregularity or anything to hide. When questioned, he replies that the information is available to everyone in the public account.

a white city This is exactly what Benítez wants to achieve with the contracts handed directly to Torres Azteca Lingting. This is not the first time that the city council has given him a direct contract. With the last one they already add five for the amount of 545.2 million pesos. Mazatlan Company has found its gold mine in City Hall by selling UFO model lamps, which the municipal president intends to make official. Why buy direct? Well, the municipality assures that it is the company established in 2007 that manufactures them. As explained by the municipality, Azteca Lingting is committed to donating the equivalent of 120 million pesos in LED lamps. The matter is already in the state Congress, when a delegation of aldermen filed an inquiry demanding a direct award of the contract.

Good News The governor of the state, Rubén Rocha Moya, delivered for Mazatlecos yesterday. It is revealed that the President of the Republic, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, is planning the construction of a Teletón rehabilitation center in Mazatlán. The project is so serious that the state government is already looking for the piece of land on which the building will be built. The Governor gave this information during the weekly conference on Monday. We only hope that, if it is implemented, the project will have a board of trustees that cares about its upkeep and its continuation. And it is that Mazatlán has had bad experiences with increased real estate followings. All you have to do is point to the Multiple Use Center (CUM), which cost 351 million pesos to the state treasury during Mario López Valdez’s administration and has been converted into a “white elephant” today. The state government never gave it a concession and the city council does not own its management.

of cars On the occasion of Mother’s Day, there was a stir in the city council Mazatlan. The event brought together hundreds of mothers from all over the municipality due to the attractiveness of the awards.