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Rocha Moya begins work on approach and museum in Badiraguato

In the company of the municipal president of Badiraguato, Sinaloa.- badiraguatoJose Paz López Alenes, Governor of Sinaloa, Rubén Rocha Moya…

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In the company of the municipal president of Badiraguato, Sinaloa.- badiraguatoJose Paz López Alenes, Governor of Sinaloa, Rubén Rocha Moya Begins construction of Mirador, which will house a regional museumWhose investment will be 14 lakh 308 thousand pesos and which will become a big tourist attraction for the municipal seat.

In his message to Badiraguatán gathered at the top of the slope where Mirador would be located, right across the boulevard of the river, Governor Rocha announced that it would be not only this work, but There is already a budget of 76 million pesos to be implemented in both the municipal seat and the various unions.Mainly in the construction and continuation of highways, including the Cienega de los Lara, San Jose del Llano, Otatilos, and the extension of the access road from the entrance to El Camichin, to further beautify the entrance to Badiraguato. ,

He insisted that these works would be carried out exclusively with the resources of the state government, but declared that President Andres Manuel López Obrador authorized the rural road programSan Antonio de los Ortiz from the municipal seat, to pave the sections from Santiago de los Caballeros to Potrero de los Medina, and a third that connects Baccaragua to Huixiopa.

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He explained that this federal program has the noble purpose of generating economic income where it is carried out, because for the construction of roads, residents themselves are hired to provide labor in exchange for receiving payment, and this Also generates local supplies, to transport essential materials such as sand, lime, cement and gravel.

Rocha Moya begins work on the outlook and museum in Badiraguato. photo courtesy

Governor Rocha said that To promote tourism in the municipal capital, a boardwalk and a bimodal bridge crossing the river will be built in Alameda, in addition to Mirador and the Regional Museum.To connect this nature reserve with the hill where Mirador will be located.

Mayor welcoming him Jose Paz Lopez AlenesAssured that a new era will begin with the support of Governor Rocha badiraguatowith the creation of tasks arising economic development based on the promotion of tourismLike these are the actions he initiated.

The Mirador and Regional Museum will be located on the top of the hill, with a thousand square meters of esplanadeParking, a 122-step staircase, restrooms, benches, gardens and lighting.

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The Secretary of Public Works, Jose Luis Zavala accompanied Governor Rocha on this new working tour of Badiraguato by Cabanillas; Administration and Finance Secretary, Enrique Diaz Vega; Tourism Secretary, Rosario Torres Noriega; Secretary of Welfare and Sustainable Development, Ruth Diaz Guria; and the director of the Sinaloa Institute of Culture, Juan Aviles Ochoa.

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