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Renfe asks government to reduce Canon to reduce AVE prices

Renfe could reduce ticket prices by more than 30 euros avenue In its main corridor, Madrid-Barcelona, ​​if Adif, the public…

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Renfe could reduce ticket prices by more than 30 euros avenue In its main corridor, Madrid-Barcelona, ​​if Adif, the public entity that manages the rail network, reduces the fees charged by Renfe and other operators for use of the network by 53%.

It is stated by its Chairman, Isaiah TablesDuring his participation in some executive forum breakfasts, in which he cited as an example the case of Italian, a country where in 2013 the fees were at the same level as they are now in Spain and two years later they were reduced by half, Which triggered a 120% increase in demand due to the reduction in ticket prices.

Taboas explained that introducing the same reform in Spain would allow Renfe to reduce his bank note of higher speeds, as Canons represent 44% of the cost. Thus, between AVE madrid,Barcelona This will drop to 31 euros, Seville’s around 16 euros and Valencia’s 13 euros, bringing a total of more than 1.5 million new passengers to the train.

In addition to Canon, Renfe is currently facing several fronts Those that are affecting their accounts, such as the price of energy, the liberalization process and the entry of competition, or changes in mobility patterns, are affected by events such as teleworking.


Notably, electricity already accounts for 20% of its cost, when the proportion barely reached 7% in 2019, meaning €84 million More spending in just one quarter, up to a total of 162 million euros between January and March this year.

For this reason, 329 million euros are already planned for its establishment. 66 Photovoltaic Plants It needs to move its trains to be able to consume the 550 megawatts (MW) of electricity near the substations. Tabos expects the investment to pay for itself in 3 years, given the high energy prices.

Ouigo. competition with

With regard to the liberalization process, the President of Renfe observed that between the train traffic madrid You Barcelona Already 20% higher than before the pandemic, partly thanks to the entry of its new competitor (Oigo), although it has regretted that this recovery was achieved through falling prices and, with it, earnings. Has been.

Taboas also pointed out that the train recovery in this corridor between Rajdhani and Rajdhani is already higher than that of a car. Barcelonaand has advocated the introduction of road tolls, as it will help transfer passengers to trains and contribute to reducing the environmental impact.

In this sense, he has elaborated that a toll of 10 cents per kilometer would mean more than 30 euros on the middle trip. madrid You Valencia, it would avoid 2.3 million car trips and up to 100,000 fewer tons of CO2. A toll of about 10 euros would reduce CO2 by 13,800 tonnes.


The second problem the public company is facing is the change in mobility habits of people after the health crisis, which Renfe will have to be adjusted. For example, the peak hours of the morning and afternoon decrease as opposed to an increase in the afternoon.

transmitting It is also impacting business travel, which is still down 16% in 2019, compared to 10% for leisure travel, which has gotten much better.

mobility app

Regarding the new businesses with which the company wants to counter all these impacts, the operator’s chairman has announced that he will launch his Renfe as one. Service (Raas), a mobility device with which it hopes to raise an additional 53 million and attract 650,000 new customers.

Lastly, he also mentions the internationalization process, which he assures is still at a primary stage, although he defends that there are good opportunities to grow abroad, both in public services. France Like in Germany or Portugal. In 2028 10% of the turnover is targeted to come from abroad.

Renfe asks government to reduce Canon to reduce AVE prices

2022-05-12 10:13:30