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Real Madrid parks Audi and already dreams of its new sponsor

In 2003 Audi decided to join his ring at Real Madrid. The Spanish club had just won the eighth and…

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In 2003 Audi decided to join his ring at Real Madrid. The Spanish club had just won the eighth and ninth European Cup and was a benchmark in world football. arrival of florentino perez Turned the white team into a multinational company with a magnet for sponsorship.

Audi In February 2019, he renewed a contract with Real Madrid, the number of which is not disclosed, but which represents a significant advantage, as the German company White is in the second tier of the club’s commercial partners.

Hazard chooses Audi Q8 for final vehicle deliveryAudi

One of the most important activities that Audi has done with the white players is the delivery of vehicles at the start of each season. players use them cars On loan and, at the end of the season, he decided whether to pay the price and keep them or return them. In the second case, Audi put them up for sale with the important claim that they are what players use.

Premium model resale

of A8 Sergio Ramos Reached a value of 85,000 euros, Q8 of risk 85,000 euros and Q7 of modric It was sold for 77,000 euros. In addition, Audi has named seats on the benches at the Bernabeu and has been organizing a summer tournament in recent years that this season has returned to the United States.

Audi Sergio Lull’s R8 . e.g. also delivers vehicles to basketball playersAudi

It is this last detail that indicates that Audi has broken off talks with the White Club. Audi Summer Tour Will be played at Audi Field in Washington and will face Bayern Munich As of now with DC United, there is no news that real madrid Dispute the tournament that is sponsored today.

Several media outlets echoed in late 2021 that Audi did not want to renew with the terms proposed. real madrid, the white economy is going through a new stadium This will greatly enhance your image, so it will require more money.

Vinicius (i) and Militao in Audi electric vehicle testAudi

Audi is no longer a sponsor since 2019 barcelona, The club, headed by Bartomeu, decided to reduce the notoriety of the brand, moving from a premium partner to a global sponsor, with the Catalan club diluting the rings among the dozens of upcoming brands.

The contract between Audi and Real Madrid expires on June 30, 2022. Everything indicates that the two sides are not going to an agreement, although the effect of the end of the media’s influence Champions May force new meetings on May 28.

Electric model Zoe . To announce the arrival of Mbappé was the image of Renaultrenault

white is already on the horizon renault You alpineIts Formula 1 subsidiary. The reason for this is the arrival of the French footballer Mbappe For the Paseo de la Castellana club, which has not yet been confirmed.

luca de mayoThe Renault Group CEO had already joked about this when he said that “if real madrid I want to sponsor my car, we painted it white.

PSG and the French national team players were already the image of Renault in a campaign in which they announced the model Zoe,