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Raydas wins and eliminates Tijuana

Monterey, Nuevo León. – Raidas had a complicated match at the Gigante de Acero court against Tijuana Femenil, who sought…

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Monterey, Nuevo León. – Raidas had a complicated match at the Gigante de Acero court against Tijuana Femenil, who sought a win to get a ticket to the semi-finals, although Xolas did not tire of losing his clear chances to score. Scored two goals. Started deciding your participation in this clause of Liga MX Feminil 2022.

The home team tried to hurt the Tijuana team in the first few seconds, although goalkeeper Alejandra Gutierrez intervened twice in a row to keep the void. Dulce Alvarado tried a brilliant goal towards Alejandria Godínez’s goal, but the shot did not go down in time and ended up outside the field.

Angelina Hicks became the attacking footballer for part of the journey that posed the most threat in the return game. The right wing was weak at times and although he scored two deliveries for René Kueller, none of them managed to keep Zolas in the match.

Eva Espejo’s Gladiators did not let go of their two most important men to lead 2–0 in the second leg. Again Diana stood out with Evangelista Raidas to find enough space and bowl a straight ball to Christina Birkenrod, who only turned her neck to defeat Border Hut.

A few minutes later Monica Flores sent a ball into the field and captain Rebecca Bernal guessed the mark to change the direction of the ball, thus achieving her eighth goal of the tournament and the highest goalscorer of Clausura 2022. Became.

Tijuana Femenil needed four goals to survive, a crash in Godinez’s rectangle at 59′ resulted in a goal in Tijuana’s favor, which was later scored when René Cuellar received the ball in a good play by Angelina HIx, Then equalized. Monica Flores’ forceful sweep meant her shot didn’t go in despite being in front of the door, which was left unguarded.

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For the second consecutive tournament, Eva Espejo’s team eliminated Fabiola Vargas’ team in the quarterfinals. Monarch continues his quest for a two-time championship and will now face Pachuca Femenil, who did a great job at the end of the match to eliminate America Feminil, who was left without a coach.