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Raquel Bigora reveals the moment a stalker molested her

Mexico. Television presenter Raquel Bigora RReveals the horrifying moment caused by a stalker on the way to the subway in…

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Mexico. Television presenter Raquel Bigora RReveals the horrifying moment caused by a stalker on the way to the subway in CDMXEarlier this time, when she started her career as a model.

In a meeting with the media at CDMX, Raquel Bigora, originally from Cuba and living in Mexico for several years, confessed that in her younger years An incident happened to him which he never forgot, but rarely likes to remember.

It has been shared in several news portals that Raquel recalled the day she was on her way to take the subway and a man “put his hand on it”: “I was single, I was a model at Glenda Modelos. And I was on the subway, on the bus, to go anywhere, and in Colonia del Valle I was walking And a boy ran and put his hand in me, and he kept running, I cried…”.

Bigora says that at the time she didn’t know what to do, whether to run, hide, shout: “I’ve never said that before, it’s something that would have changed your life as a woman.” is.”

Raquel Bigora, 47, stands in solidarity with all the women who raise their voices to condemn any form of abuse and tell that they should never remain silent. And of course, to make public any cases of abuse or harassment of which they are victims.

Raquel began her career as a model at the age of 14 in her native Cuba, then she worked as a presenter of the Pasakel program on the UHF Telemadrid channel, and thus began to attract attention with her beauty and talent. done.

After studying acting at Televisa’s Center for Artistic Education (CEA) and a degree in Spanish and Literature in Havana, Cuba. She was the host of the Echos de la Moda event on the international series ECO.

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According to information in her biography, during 1996 Raquel Bigora became part of the team of hosts of the Ritmosan video channel, later on other shows such as Todo Se Vale and Nuestra Casa, She has also worked as an actress and singer.

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