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Radiant! Marge Ponce de Leon rocks the nets

Morelia, Michoacán. – Marge Ponce de Leon wore a shirt Guadalajara to ChivasHis bubbly style and authentic manner was loved…

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Morelia, Michoacán. – Marge Ponce de Leon wore a shirt Guadalajara to ChivasHis bubbly style and authentic manner was loved by the entire club Liga MX with fans After witnessing a landslide defeat against him pumas forest in a playoff match. His happiness could be seen on his face as well as in his publications, which he began to share in each of his social media.

a feeling unheard of since michoacan That Marze decided to develop in a different way than the one used to dazzle his smile and unattainable beauty, which in a matter of seconds astounded all Internet users, more so than the Rosiblanco public throughout Akron Stadium. Blown to pride which means defeating another great of Mexican soccer and be in a position to be one of the candidates for the title of Clausura Tournament 2022.

The Mexican is the most popular fanatic who understands an absolute love for the team from Guadalajara, every time he wins, loses or draws a new postcard on his official channel, he regrets more than an hour No, he always has the same attitude but now that the team scores a league-ahead of five wins he is in love as well as excited to see the Chivas champion again, who defeated Tigress in the final of the 2017 tournament I put the biggest smile on my beautiful face.

Marge charmed in pink clothes
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The weekend victory was the ticket to the big party of Mexican soccer, the model celebrated extensively indoors and to cap off a unique day she decided to pamper all her people with a beautiful pairing in which she was a tremendous Appears with ‘Rosita’. organization’, which at a glance highlights its greatest ‘treasury’ and is little more than an account that messages of love and appreciation of all kinds were devoted by the crowd who confirm to be Guadalajara’s loyal followers.

Most highlighted her flashy clothes, others pointed to her ponytail made to look even more mischievous than what she found on the bed. While a handful of netizens praised her tattoos and the rest her memorable figure, which prompted her to recognize her beauty more closely, attracting the attention of journalists who follow her on social media as well as everywhere , which prompts him to stop the traffic and become more hypnotized. in a single day.

Marge Ponce de Leon hypnotizes in pink

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Marge Ponce de Leon Shocked by the two’s movements in bed, both in front of the camera and between each one gets a significant number of “likes” that they receive daily in the images and videos published on their official pages. At the time this article moves into the debate sports section, the two figures included would add up to nine hours of broadcast. The wonder girl accumulates 470k ‘Followers’ on Instagram and the number continues to grow rapidly as her identity as a public figure grows stronger.