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Puma live the week of terror

I believe at the moment Puma and its players are the team that is most devastated in the emotional part,…

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I believe at the moment Puma and its players are the team that is most devastated in the emotional part, having lost two important matches that it held last week, one national and the other international. The Felines’ bitter streak began in the Finals of the Connachampions, when they fell in the final against the Seattle Sounders of MLS with a score of 3 goals against 1. Then the sports crisis of university students worsened in a playoff duel. The past and in which the well-motivated Chivas team set a 4-goal against 1. Guadalajara, going through a great moment, gave them a definite direction in the supplementary section by scoring three goals. It is good to point out that it was a well-deserved victory for Rosiblancos, but at the same time, Culichi was filled with sadness due to the unfortunate fracture of the fibula of Jesus Angulo. The popular Canelo Angulo will return to the court by next season and the truth will be a very significant loss for the people of Guadalajara, as he was playing so well. This culminated in a week of sadness and joy for Guadalajara and its millions of followers. By the way, we do not want to miss this moment to comment on the terrible condition of the grass of the Guadalajara stadium, a situation that was detected when the women’s team played a few days ago and in which two players were injured. And despite such clear evidence, Liga MX did not act on the matter and allowed Chivas and Puma to play as such, putting the health of soccer players at high risk.

Tough solution. It has been taken over by the board of Manchester United, a club in which Cristiano Ronaldo plays, by announcing a cut of 25 percent for each player because of his poor performance, in an action that did not go down well with many elements. And among them their star CR7 who apparently already wants to move to another team. This is how we believe that something similar should be done in Mexican soccer in the sense of putting a clause in the contracts that if you don’t perform 100% your salary will be reduced, as we all know the easiest in our league The job is that they run the coach, but it is also the responsibility of the players, but they are not affected financially.

Very grateful. After a wonderful afternoon last Sunday we feel like we spent the 72nd birthday of our good friend, Doctor Alfonso Garnica, in a beautiful country house. A very pleasant union that we enjoyed, thanks to the good attention from Garnica and her family. , which lacked good musical performances by well-known soccer player Felix Aragon and had a pig-based succulent meal back and forth. Doctor Garnica, I repeat my heartfelt congratulations and I am very honored to have you as part of that select group of friends that every Monday we go to for breakfast at various restaurants in Culiacán. See you on Thursday to continue celebrating in the fields of Sagarpa.

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