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Public safety campaign ready for Mother’s Day in Evora area

Guamuchil, sinaloa, On the occasion of Mother’s Day, Directorate of Public Safety and City Traffic in Evora area is already…

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Guamuchil, sinaloa, On the occasion of Mother’s Day, Directorate of Public Safety and City Traffic in Evora area is already preparing to provide security., both visitors and consumers in the commercial sector. Police commanders agreed that the priority these days is to provide civil defence.

“in general We’re already setting up security for Mother’s Day, practically from tomorrow, Sunday.And today, Monday, there will be a lot of movement, and on Tuesday with even more reasons,” said Sergio Lagunes Inclán, director of the DSPMT in Salvador Alvarado.

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He also said that special care will be taken of the business sector, They will monitor the flow of vehicles so that there is no congestion so that they do not affect the flow of commerce, the area of ​​graveyards will also be protected, so that the entrance to the gods is on foot, he remarked. Lagunes Inclan also indicated that people with disabilities would be supported.

the person in charge of public safety in the municipality of Angostura, Juan Carlos Barraza indicated that in this issue he would focus on the commercial sector, mainly on the sale of municipal flowers and deities.In order to avoid such incidents or accidents which may put people at risk, this operation is in coordination with the Municipal Help Bodies. The Director remarked that there would be random visits to all the cemeteries in the communities.

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In the municipality of Mocorito, Oscar Ginto Marmolejo, director of DSPyTM, said they have a joint strategy with organizations that intervene in security, such as the Civil Defense, the Red Cross and the fire department.

Police Command said It is intended more than anything else to protect the safety and peace of all visitors to the magical city., “We are going to be vigilant in the square and the Reforma pantheon, we are going to establish the route but above all to prevent any incidents, we will be very coordinated”.