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Public education must include deaf children in Sinaloa

Sinaloa.- Although The public education system cannot reject a minor Thief disability Because it would violate their human right; in…

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Sinaloa.- Although The public education system cannot reject a minor Thief disability Because it would violate their human right; in behaviour, parents of children with disabilities, as well as students, Having problems achieving integration into the classroomDeaf community members in Sinaloa reported.

First, they face stigma and lack of information, which is exacerbated by lack of diagnostics or financial resources, especially in rural areas.


In such a situation, the educational process of deaf children is hampered, which are implicated in family and social dynamics When no one can teach them Mexican Sign Language or they are not candidates for cochlear implants.

Furthermore, there are no state diagnoses or reliable statistics that allow us to interpret X-rays of people living in Sinaloa with complete deafness and some types of hearing loss, such as hearing loss or partial deafness.

Even with the shortcomings, the budget situation for the Department of Special Education of the Ministry of Public Education in Sinaloa improved this year, Professor Nidia Aldana, who directs the sector driven by federal resources, told Debate.

Son 25 million pesos authorized to operate in the six months of 2022 As against the previous financial year, which was one lakh 800 thousand pesos. Although approximately 12 million students will be directed to students with outstanding merit, a program that this department also directs.

The official told that the project for Sinaloa is expand coverage so that they can Caring for youth with deafness and other disabilities in CobaesWhich was already happening a few years back but was cancelled.

There are currently three options at the basic level to serve children with hearing disabilities: 50 CAM, 208 Usaer and 10 CRIE. Depending on the severity and the minor studied, it is disseminated. There are currently 287 children with hearing disabilities who are enrolled in the public education system in Sinaloa at the preschool, primary and secondary levels.


If a parent or guardian of a child with communication problems has not yet been diagnosed, they can receive a comprehensive evaluation from experts in Kuliakan for free, announced Professor Nidia Aldana. The indicated site is the regional hair growth and early stimulation (Seredi) center in Culiacan.

This institution is part of the health services of the state government. They are looked after by a pediatrician, nutritionist, psychologist and speech therapist. Nidia Aldana, head of special education in Sinaloa, pointed out that teachers throughout the state and rural areas should help a child who has not yet been diagnosed with any doubts about a disability, for example, deafness. , but also others such as autism. Or Asperger’s.

He explained that teachers can suggest visiting this institute so that comprehensive monitoring of the health of the child can be done and thereby improve not only their education but also their quality of life, which is not mandatory. He indicated that there are also parents who prefer not to request a diagnosis, either for fear of stigma or because of lack of economic resources to go to Kuliakan.

If you’re interested, the center is located on Blvr. Emiliano Zapata, Opposite Volkswagen Agency, the phone number is 667-499-9528. The person in charge is Dr. Eva Castro.
no public policy

Public policies with an inclusive perspective are essential in SinaloaLocal PRI deputy Connie Zazueta Castro, former director of DIF, explained.

“We need, in addition to civic culture, that all three powers implement affirmative actions that allow the inclusion of all people with disabilities,” said the member of the Family Commission.

“It is important that educational institutions diagnose to find out how many children currently suffer from this disability in Sinaloa and can support them with a transplant, as well as guaranteeing them an inclusive education,” He accepted.

“Inclusive action is necessary if, for example, the public service sectors of the three levels of government have people who know sign language and can facilitate procedures for deaf people,” the legislator remarked.

He also confirmed that Cochlear transplant programs should be strengthenedSince, due to its high cost in the market, which is about 500 thousand pesos, Almost, they are not accessible to the entire population.

“We cannot allow exclusions because of any kind of disability,” he said.

With information from Leticia Villegas.

Options for children with hearing loss

  • Study in a Higher Education Support Services unit (user) There are schools that belong to this network.
  • The Resource and Information Center for Educational Integration (CRIE) has trainings for teachers, parents and students.
  • Totally deaf children can go to a multiple care center (CAM) to learn sign language from an early age.

the figure

  • location. The Department of Special Education is in the SEPIC and SEP facilities in Culiacán, in the Jaime Torres Bodet building, in the Plaza de los Valores.
  • contact. Boulevard Pedro Infante, Colonel Hydraulic Resources, or call 667-846-4200 Extn. 3250, 3251, 3252 and 3253.


they demand improvement

Last May 5, argument published an analysis table with people from the deaf community in Sinaloa, where they criticized the lack of public policies in favor of inclusion in educational activities.


Among the proposals expressed are to increase access to Mexican sign language interpreters, particularly as support staff in public schools so that deaf children can access and better understand academic material, as in some cases parents need to provide access to their children. You will have to hire or pay an interpreter. , In other cases, minors have many learning difficulties upon admission to regular school.

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Another proposal is to open a bilingual bi-cultural school in Sinaloa for students with hearing disabilities.

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Public education must include deaf children in Sinaloa

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