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PRI accuses AMLO of interfering in election in Hidalgo

Hidalgo. – Alejandro Moreno, leader of PRI accuses President AMLO of interfering in election in Hidalgo Using state machinery in…

Hidalgo. – Alejandro Moreno, leader of PRI accuses President AMLO of interfering in election in Hidalgo Using state machinery in favor of Morena, after criticism of the PRI-Pan-PRD coalition and the candidate’s “Train Tolteka” project proposal Carolina Vigiano,

With the legislators of PRI in the press conference alito moreno Alleged that President Andrés Manuel López Obrador is interfering on behalf of the federal government. Elections in Hidalgo in favor of the candidate morenaJulio Menchaca, who was called “wrongly anti-woman” by the Panchayati Raj Institution.

“Of course From the government of the republic they are supporting and not only supporting the younger candidate of Hidalgowho attacks women in addition to everything that has been publicly condemned, that we are going to defeat them (…) What they are doing is using the apparatus of the Mexican state harassing opponents and trying to win elections (in Hidalgo),” said AMLO. PRI leader against,

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The PRI leader announced that his party would present Complain against AMLO to INE and TEPJF For his alleged interference in the Hidalgo elections, which he attributed to the “fall of Morena”.

“That’s why today we see before Murray collapses, how it breaks to pieces, They have the president of the republic already laying their shoulder on Hidalgo’s election.It’s unbelievable, this is the third time he’s mentioned this in a national press conference, which is La Manera, how are we going to compete against him? (…) we’re going to report them to the National Electoral Institution, the Electoral Court, because it’s a Clear violation of the election process in Hidalgo State And in all states,” added Alito Moreno.

Along these lines, he argued that because Morena no longer had the support of the people, the president of Mexico “ordered the entire federal government and the Morenoit governors to campaign in the states.”

The PRI leader, on the other hand, denied that his party had faced betrayal by the governors of Hidalgo and Oaxaca, Omar Fayed and Alejandro Murat, respectively, for handing over their institutions to Morena.

as well AMLO Claims to Mention PRI Candidate Hidalgo, to the government of Carolina Vigiano, from the National Palace in his Manera and his proposal for a “Toltec train” project, which according to the politician is a violation of the electoral embargo.

What did AMLO say about the PRI candidate in Hidalgo?

At his morning convention, President López Obrador made fun of the fact that Carolina Vigiano, who is also Rubén Moreira’s wife, represented the PRI, PAN and PRD coalition, despite the fact that PAN members accused the Moreira brothers of corruption. Coahuila in previous years were accused of and indebted.

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“There is also something surprising in Hidalgo, it is to refresh the memory. I ask Coahuila: Wasn’t the PAN member accusing Moreira of corruption? He put Coahuila in debt, he gave it to Humberto Moreira who became the chairman of PRI,” the AMLO noted.

The president also mocked the PRI candidate’s “Toltec Train” project, which he ironically celebrated or said “at least he is no longer against the Mayan train these days.”

PRI accuses AMLO of interfering in election in Hidalgo

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