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PRD leader felt in Ahom

There is a reason for the reactivation of Know Here activists in Indigenous communities: they are going to fight to…

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There is a reason for the reactivation of Know Here activists in Indigenous communities: they are going to fight to win the Indigenous consultation that has been ordered by the Sixth District Court to the Secretary of the Environment and Natural Resources regarding fertilizers in Topolobampo. , He had his own objections about participating, but since he saw there was no other way, he went on to enter. There is talk that at their meeting at the end of last week, indigenous activist Felipe Montano is going to organize more in Ohuira Ejido and other native cities. Somebody put it in their mind that if they have a majority of votes rejecting the plant, the sixth district court will rule Emparo in their favor. That is, he will reject the construction of the plant. However, some jurists say that this is not the case. He says that if the Environmental Impact Statement is conducive to the construction of the plant, it would make the project valid regardless of the outcome of the indigenous consultation, notwithstanding the fact that it has been ordered, but because it is the law.

I didn’t think about IT So much for defending the passista councilor of Ahom Carlos Roberto Valle Saracho from the “noise” made by Rigoberto Rodríguez, general secretary of the Union of Steering Wheel Workers in northern Sinaloa, and his men. When the atmosphere became tense as it was already revealed how many call traffic he participated in taxi permits, in which he earned, as he admitted, 800,000 pesos in the sale of four of them, Valle Saracho justified yesterday. Convinced that he is an entrepreneur. And he accuses Rigoberto Rodriguez and Horacio Mancillas of black businesses and who are only interested in enriching themselves by selling permits to strangers at the expense of permit holders when they are only and exclusively for senior drivers and older permit holders. Should be The detail that some saw is that Valle Saracho admitted that he bought four permits from Horacio Mancillas, strange people because many did not hold him as a senior taxi driver or old permit holder. Or to whom?

they say they felt The leader of the Democratic Revolution Party in Ahom, Maria de los ngeles Valenzuela, was made public after a meeting between the leaders of the PRI, Cesar Emiliano Gerardo, and Pan, Ariel Aguilar. Well, calm down because many see the meeting between Gerardo and Aguilar as the beginning of the opposition faction. It is being said that he will meet him and MC soon.

lots of cream The mayor of El Fuerte, Gildardo Leyva, sets up tacos while presenting the City Development Plan 2022-2024 yesterday. A lot of work, a lot of actions, which is the custom for every post of government to be announced. With Leva this could not have been an exception, with the speech of change being nothing more than now. Some give him the vote of confidence, but others believe that it is more of him. The truth is that the mayor of Fortense has to exert himself to follow that plan, because in these six months and days of his government some people have not been disillusioned. There are things he had already established as mayor that he said he would not do in the campaign.