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Postal workers demonstrated against the closure of the company

thousands of workers from Post Office All of Spain’s provinces took part in a mass demonstration in the center of…

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thousands of workers from Post Office All of Spain’s provinces took part in a mass demonstration in the center of Madrid this Wednesday, aimed at averting the “dissolution” of the company and condemning the “failure” they believe that the company has carried on the business. and the labor management of its directors.

As told by the unions to Europa Press, More than 20,000 people have supported the protest, thus far exceeding the expectations of both UGT and CC.O.O. He had in regards to the expected attendance at the performance. Government delegation figures point to 4,500 attendees.

“Class unions are very much alive, the postal sector has shown that activists have joined forces to channel outrage and anger at the dismantling of the post office and the lack of a project, and this is a success for the organization as a whole”. Jose Manuel Sayagues, Secretary of the Postal Sector of UGT Public Services, has indicated.

trade unionist said The government must stop “closing eyes” and act to counter the state of the public company: “It is necessary to understand this and begin to renew the governance model of Korios.”

Several buses mobilized from different provinces of Spain to support the presence of more workers have moved to the central Plaza de Callao, where the march began at 12:15 pm.

After visiting the streets of Preciados, Sol, Carretas, Plaza de Jacinto Benavente, Calle de Atocha, Ronda de Atocha and Paseo del Prado, the march reached the Plaza de las Cortes at 1:30 pm, in front of the Congress of Deputies . ,

There, with the absence of the PSOE, the protesters received the support and solidarity of representatives of the parliamentary groups of the ERC Congress, the Compromise, the Popular Party and the United We Can.

Attendees carried T-shirts and banners that read “Prevent scrapping”, “For the viability of public mail, mobilize”, “Destructive management, waste employment, economic waste” or “Against cut, adequate staff and authority”. read together”.

“Bankruptcy Situation”

Throughout the tour, Jose Manuel Sayagües and spokesperson for CC.O.O. Regino Martín and Alberto Pérez have condemned the “chaotic management and manifest incompetence” of the company’s president, Juan Manuel Serrano, “hand-appointed by PSOE three years ago”, and some of the protesters wearing face masks.

Federalists have argued that the company is in “technical bankruptcy”, with declining workloads, abandonment of public service and an “unprecedented” loss of quality, which is combined with an “unacceptable level of waste employment” with the 7,000 average workforce cut. . positions over three years and over 10,000 part-time contracts.

According to union representatives, Korios recorded losses of more than 500 million euros over three years, 400 million structural losses and debts amounting to 1,000 million for payroll payments.

The demonstration takes place on the first day of the company’s strike, which will last until Friday and which unions have already estimated at 90% to follow. On the part of the company, they assure that follow-up was limited to 12% in the night shift.

Postal workers demonstrated against the closure of the company

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