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Portrait of Marilyn Monroe painted by Warhol sold for $195 million

America.- Iconic portrait of Marilyn Monroe painted by artist Andy Warhol Sold at auction for neither more nor less $195…

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America.- Iconic portrait of Marilyn Monroe painted by artist Andy Warhol Sold at auction for neither more nor less $195 millionbecoming like this One of the most expensive works of art of the 20th century And another in the whole history.

Titled “Shot Sage Blue Merlin,” produced in 1964, it was estimated to sell for around $200 million, however, it only came a little closer during a recent auction in New York, United States.

Prestigious 1×1 Meter Work This is part of a collection of paintings made by him Andy Warhol About after the death of Marilyn Monroe in 1962. To this day it remains one of the most recognized works of art worldwide.

So far, it has broken the record for the most expensive work in the 20th century, as held by Pablo Picasso’s “The Woman of Algiers”, which reached $179.4 million in 2015. Meanwhile, it is Andy Warhol’s most expensive work, the first “Silver Car Crash”, which previously paid for nothing and the best at less than $104.5 million.

Portrait of Marilyn Monroe painted by Andy Warhol sold for $195 million

According to Bloomberg, the buyer was American tycoon Larry Gagosian, the owner of a series of art galleries. Proceeds from the sale will go to the Thomas and Doris Ammann Foundation in Zurich, Switzerland, which runs health and education programs for children around the world.

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