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He was the master of the circus, and therefore, he felt himself to be the master of the world. Much…

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He was the master of the circus, and therefore, he felt himself to be the master of the world. Much to his dismay, then, upon entering the trailer where he was traveling and living with his wife, he made her more than committed to BLB—Big Little Boy—the handsome and muscular dwarf of the circus. Seen in a trance. Before the mighty merchant could say anything, his wife said: “Remember, Barno, I told you I had a little surprise for you.”

And since we’re talking about surprises, I can’t fail to mention the man who went to a luxury brothel one afternoon, and for the first time he found his wife among the beautiful prostitutes providing his services. saw. He knew then that what he had told her was a lie to explain her daily afternoon absence: that she was going to play paco with her friends; that today was the meeting of the Horticulture Club; That he had a yoga class etc. Seeing this the husband got angry. He was about to burst into abusive words, but the woman stopped him with a stern gesture: “Wait a minute,” she told him bluntly. You come here to have fun and spend the money that you should allot to support the house. On the other hand, I come to work and earn money to run the household. And are you going to claim me?” I think the woman was right. What happens is that even in our times one broad moral standard applies to men and another, harsh and harsh, to women.

We will not live in a fair society unless the norms of morality (or immorality) are the same for both sexes… Remember the case of the son. Don Porfirio, who takes advantage of a beautiful rancherita’s innocence to satisfy a man’s rizos, has recently reached reproductive age. The girl’s father was the foreman of the hacienda, and he brought the matter to the notice of his employer, the hacienda owner. The rich man replied: “You will understand that my son cannot marry your daughter. But look: if she becomes pregnant and has children as a result of what happened, I will give you 5 thousand pesos. If she becomes pregnant and has a daughter, I will give you 10 thousand.” At that time the sum of both of them was very high. Thus, Caporal folded the cap in his hands, timidly said to the landowner: “And if you If you don’t get pregnant, can you give it another chance?”

There is a dark legend about the hacienda of Porfirito, spread by official historians paid by the government. (There are currently many—and consented—copies of these samples). According to that legend, the Porfirista zamindar was a cruel man who treated his peons like slaves, exercised and exploited Parnada’s authority over his women. It is undeniable whether such a landowner must have been, but the general rule was that of the benevolent, patriarchal master, one who treated his workers well, even if it was for his own sake, and whose wife was his wife and wife. Do the exercises with the children and do the duties prescribed by charity.

And speaking of charity, let us remember the beggar who used to beg his neighbor at the bank’s doorstep. The manager of the institution came out and the man said in a groaning tone, holding the jar in which he had collected the coins, he gave her: “Alms for the love of God.” The banker didn’t even look back. One day the beggar said to him: “Alms for the love of God and Most Holy Mary.” Then the banker reached into his wallet and handed him a 100-pise bill saying: “So with two signatures, yes” … End.