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politics worse

Today the story that removes the veil from this pillar is very psychotic. People who don’t like to read overly…

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Today the story that removes the veil from this pillar is very psychotic. People who don’t like to read overly psychotic stories can ask someone to read them. Don Fablicio and Donna Gelia, husband and wife, quarreled constantly. On one occasion their fighting reached Homeric proportions. He told her: “When you die I will place these words on your tombstone: ‘Here is Gelia, my wife, as cold as ever.’ The woman replied: ‘And if you die first, I will put this inscription on your grave: “Here lies Fablicio, my husband, hardened at the end”. A good friend of mine has a daughter in the United States. She went to visit her husband, a US Army officer assigned to a military base in Germany. While flying to Berlin, the airline employee asked him a routine question: “Do you have anything that someone wanted to bring you? Where’s it?” She replied: “My husband’s mother gave me a package to give to her son in Germany.” The clerk stopped and then asked, “Do you have a good relationship with your mother-in-law?” Met the beautiful girl he had once seen in a club. He told her: “My father is very ill. Surely in two or three weeks he will be out of this world. He is a widower, and I am his only son.” I will inherit the property worth $100 million.” Impressed by this information, the young woman agreed to accompany him to his house. Now the most beautiful girl Playboy had ever seen is his stepmother. Yes it is.

The nations of the American continent can be divided into two groups: democracies and dictatorships. Mexico is still part of the first group. On the basis of democracy, López Obrador came to power. Now, however, he shows sympathy for another group of countries, the dictatorship, and many of his actions give the impression that he intends to take us to his own. In the sense that he would not attend the US summit, if the United States does not invite the host countries, Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela, is a display of incontinence, far from being a sign of independence. This attitude will present us to the world as a nation akin to a dictatorship, and will put another stone in the way of our relations with the northern country, with which it is convenient for us, for more than one reason, to be a good one. Neighbour AMLO-like vulgarity, in addition to being inappropriate and lacking diplomatic and legal grounds, is useless, i.e. useless, vain, vain. It will not be seen as a sign of autonomy against a great power, but as an unusual display of support for dictatorial governments that have engulfed their respective peoples and plunged them into misery. We can only hope that López Obrador doesn’t turn that devastating trio into a quartet. He still has time to achieve that feat, as he said while speaking of the work done in Cuba.

“My husband called me ‘perverted’,” Taisiya told her friends. “That terrible! One of them was disappointed. And what did you do?”. Taisiya replied, “I got out of bed with my four friends, we got dressed and I went with them.” Don Poseidon, a wealthy farmer, angrily told his daughter’s lover, who was asking for the girl’s hand: “You want to marry Glafira because you have money.” “On the contrary, sir,” protested Gallante. I want to marry him because I don’t have it.” “What an ugly man that is out there! Said a guest at the party of Donna Panoplia di Altopedo, a lady of good society. If she didn’t even give me money, would I? I’ll sleep with him!” The hostess told him in a loud voice: “He’s my husband.” “Ah, geez,” the guest was embarrassed. So yes I’ll go to bed. And free huh? Free”. End.


“. Bolivia joins the position of López Obrador.”

that’s the note of the day
And I’m not surprised, for the sake of faith.
so i will remember
That “God raises them”.
air force academy


The Patriarch of Potrero, Colonel Don Ignacio de la Pea y de la Pea looks upon us from his oval portrait with concave glass. My grandchildren are shocked, because if they are on the left side of the picture the colonel sees them, and if they are on the right he sees them too.
Don Ignacio left his family and his land to fight against France. He took part in eight battles; In six of them he received bullet or saber wounds.
On the conquest of the Republic, Don Benito Juárez offered him a deputation.
“Excuse me, Mr President,” he declined her offer. I know the motherland. I don’t know about politics.
The colonel returned to Potrero. He was poor: all his money was spent on the campaign. His wife gave him her ornaments so that he could mortgage them to Saltillo and he could pay the workers’ wages. When the first crop of potreno corn was harvested, Don Ignacio saved the garments and returned them to his wife along with other gems he had bought for her as a token of gratitude.
I see a portrait of Colonel Don Ignacio de la Pea y de la Pea and I remember that good soldier’s phrase:
– I know my country. I don’t know about politics.
till tomorrow!…

politics worse

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