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Lord Fibledic returned to his country estate after attending the monthly dinner of veterans of the 4th Regiment of Lancers…

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Lord Fibledic returned to his country estate after attending the monthly dinner of veterans of the 4th Regiment of Lancers in London. As soon as he entered his bedroom, he noticed something that almost took off his traditional British cuff. Lo and behold, his wife, Lady Loosebloomers, was in an act of adultery with her Italian singing teacher, Maestro Solfaredo. Lord Fiebledick was unprepared for such an incident, so he only managed to say, “I don’t like it at all.” Professor Solfaredo replied: “You’re absolutely right, my God. Looking from the outside, the act completely lacks aesthetic appeal. The little girl asked her grandfather: “Grandma: when it’s too cold at night If so, do your teeth crack?” “I don’t know, little daughter,” replied the old gentleman. We don’t sleep together.” At Thursday’s breakfast a guest announced: “I had five children. One with my first husband, one with my second, and the other three alone.”

If President Lopez has minimal conscience, he should remain in a state of constant concern. And it is that at any time a plane crash could happen at Mexico City or “Benito Juárez” airport, and he would be most responsible in that tragedy that would take hundreds of lives. The repeated whims of the arrogant president have made air navigation over the capital a constant risk, so much so that foreign airline pilots who have to fly to CDMX, or fly from it, have been warned of those dangers. which they now have to face. the absurd cancellation of Mexico City’s New International Airport in Texcoco; conversion of a military airport into a civilian one; faulty redesign of air traffic over the city; current airspace saturation; the conditions in which air traffic controllers operate; All of this constitutes a barrel of gunpowder with a permanently lit fuse that can explode at any moment. Never had I felt the restlessness I am now experiencing when flying for CDMX. The truth is that AMLO has complicated our lives in every way: health, safety, economy. The fact that he is a popular President does not make him a good President. In fact, some already describe it as the worst for us in modern times, and boy, do we have some pretty bad ones. In this matter of aviation, López Obrador and his men should listen to the voices of qualified experts, not courtiers who have 90 percent submissions and 10 percent—or less—preparedness. For now, let AMLO worry about every minute of every hour of every day, because at any moment a calamity can happen that will surely end his life and his peace of mind for the rest of his life.

Don Centinario, a middle-aged man, went to his doctor’s office. He told her: “Tonight I have a meeting with a lady of some years and quite excited. Give me something to help me honor the occasion.” The doctor replied: “I have a drink of the miraculous waters of Saltillo. is centimeter. The physiological properties of these wonderful lymphs are well known. A drop of them accidentally fell next to the Tower of Pisa, and the legendary construction was recovered. As you are my patient, I will administer three to you, and you will see its wonderful effect”. “Great,” greeted the doctor. And what did the woman say? Don Centinario replied: “It hasn’t come yet.”



“. Ebrard is ahead in the race for succession.

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Armando Fuentes Aguirre
It is not that Malbene seeks controversy: it is that controversy seeks him, and always seeks him. His latest article published by Sygnum Magazine will surely create a buzz. In it he says this:
“Perhaps it is not difficult to live without God, but it should not be easy to die without him. In the last hours we have to understand the infinite after living forever without thinking. That’s when we need God. Ask whether it exists or not. The answer to this question can only be given by faith. So, whether we are believers or not, let us all pray together in prayer. ‘Lord Lord: We ask you please to exist Huh'”.

These words certainly do not appear to have been written by a theologian. As much as they are seen as a poetic expression rather than a literal statement, the truth is that such expression upsets believers. But Malbene has said it many times: “My job is to annoy, not to pacify”.

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politics worse

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