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I know an admirable mother apart from my children. It is the female of Tildeo, a light-footed and lively bird…

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I know an admirable mother apart from my children. It is the female of Tildeo, a light-footed and lively bird that prefers to walk near water, and is named onomatopoeic, because of its trill it sounds like: “tildeo”. A jealous protector of her children, she is an exceptional actress. If an enemy – a fox, a skunk, a bobcat, a snake – walks near her nest, she is the excellent mother pretending to be hurt. It pulls out a wing or a short leg, and the plaintiff cries to attract the predator, which then considers it easy prey and moves towards it. Thus, at the risk of his life, he drives away any animal that may eat his chicks. Mother, this is a little bird, and on this day I bow to her. And what about the lark, the bird that’s called the Meadow Lark in English? She builds her nest on the ground, but when she brings food for her young, she sits far away, and then walks towards them, hiding in the bushes, the cunning mother, so as not to show where she is. In a certain town in the center of Coahuila, whose name I will not say because I love it so much, there is a strange monument that according to official information is dedicated to Don Francisco i Madero, but the residents of that hardworking population honor the little mothers. I stood as if, because whoever sees it asks: “What is that mother?” In another town there is a colossal statue made of stone, in modernist style, reminiscent of the figure of a mother. People make the following criticism about the above effigy: “Too many stones and little mother.” Today is dedicated to those who were once white-headed and who are now blonde, red, purple, platinum, raven wing, orange and other exotic and unprecedented colors that are neither Newton’s spectrum nor Hat’s color wheel. register the.
Despite the change in times, mothers continue to be honored by their children, many of whom today would give them gifts such as irons, mixers, mixers and other similar gifts for household chores. My children, who are now in their fifties, still remember how on the eve of May 10 I took them to the Seiber hardware store in Saltillo to buy a gift they would give to their mother the next day: four cups of flowers. Pewter or six glass vase with decorations. Nothing else was there, and my wife received this gift from her kids as if she had been given diamond earrings by Tiffany or a Cartier watch. Pepito looked at his parents’ wedding photo and asked his mother: “Is this the stage of the day you came to work for us?” They’ll tell me what they want, but this talk about women’s emancipation is largely a myth. Now, as a general rule, women work outside their homes, but in most cases they remain in charge, in addition to household chores, because the Mexican man, masculine as he still is, cooperates in these tasks. do not agree to. Nor do children do so on the pretext of school compulsions, etc. To make matters worse, on this day most families cannot invite Mom to eat at a restaurant, as the celebration fell on a business day, and everyone goes to work or school. That’s why I raise my voice again to change the habit so that Mother’s Day can be celebrated on a Sunday, which may be the first Sunday in May, or the second, as is the case in other countries. I am sure that such a change will be well received by moms, after so many changes that have been badly received for not doing it. In the meantime good day to all the moms in Mexico and the world! Diosito has to bless them for helping them so much in their daily activities. End.


“. happy Mother’s Day.”.

Celebrate the day that touches us,
Mother’s, curiously.
(many will celebrate
Although in reality they have very little).
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This man lived a hundred years ago.
It died out another 50 years ago.
It died 10 years ago.
And it died yesterday.
This man was the emperor.
This was the second king.
It was the Pope.
He was the President of his country.
This man was rich.
It was poor.
All the men I mentioned have a similar characteristic.
When he died, everyone said the same word.
till tomorrow!…