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He told her: “I’m educated the old-fashioned way, and I’m itching for decency. I want us to do it with…

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He told her: “I’m educated the old-fashioned way, and I’m itching for decency. I want us to do it with the lights off.” “Okay,” he agreed. Then let me shut the car door. ” Don Chingutas and Donna McAlotta were watching a series together. In the first 124 episodes, the young protagonist devoted himself to proposing the girl. He finally took revenge in episode 125. Then he kissed her with a burning passion. Donna Macallotta said contemptuously to her husband: “You would never kiss me like this.” Don Chingutas replied: “They pay him.”

I don’t know anything about international relations. I also ignore everything about national relations. And in 57 years of marriage, I’ve just started to learn something about domestic relationships. However, I manage to understand that the visit of the President of a nation is a celebratory occasion, with music, parades, flags, cordial agape, appreciative speeches and your celebrations adorning me for you later. Cuba was deeply saddened by the explosion at the Hotel Saratoga, which was the sequel to his tragic and painful death and disappearance. In this context, AMLO’s tour of the island seemed inappropriate.

López Obrador’s tour of small countries was designed to make him feel bigger. In the case of Cuba, it must be clearly stated, our country used the island for many years, especially during the Cold War, as a kind of ghost to instill fear in the United States. The signs of friendship from Mexico to Havana had one purpose: to arouse the concern of our neighbor to the north about the possibility that Soviet communism would gain influence between the Mexicans and their government.

Those skillful dalliances turned Uncle Sam’s cornucopia into financial aid and generous gifts to our nation. Now, with the collapse of the USSR and the consolidation of Yankee power, such moves no longer intimidate the US government, which would have viewed AMLO’s visit to Cuba with more curiosity than concern. In a sense, that trip would have a happy ending: López Obrador was able to leave Cuba, unlike the hundreds of thousands of Cubans who want to escape the persecution in which they live, and cannot.

I hope Tabascan didn’t mention words like “freedom”, “justice” and “democracy” on the island. It would be like tying a rope to the house of the person hanged, as if the president of another nation came to Mexico and talked here about lies, democracy, populism, autocratic caudillismo and the inability to govern. For many years the man Don Gerolano married Flordelicia, a young woman with no knowledge of life. On the wedding night, Valetudinario Veer asked his newly wed bride: “Tell me, beautiful: do you know what is done on these occasions?”

“No,” replied the innocent girl frankly. I don’t know. Another wedding night comes to mind: of Purito, with an honest and pious boy, Ladinia, a young woman who knew more about the world and life than Einstein knew about relativity. On the wedding night he said solemnly and formally to his wise bride: “My love: on the occasion when the union of our souls becomes the union of bodies, I have for you a priceless gift; something I have grown up with.” Protected jealously like a pearl of price, to give it to the woman to whom I will bestow the most beloved title of wife: the gift of my virginity”. “I thank you very much, Puri,” replied Ladinia. When I’ll buy you a tie when we get back from our honeymoon.” End.



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Jean Cassette, an atheist, leaving his time of suffering, took another sip of his martini—with two olives, as usual—and continued:
-I believe in prayer. Prayer is the language of faith, and faith is a powerful force. We should all learn to pray, just as we learned to speak as children. To pray is to rise; He who does not pray remains tied to the earth.
He looked at his gin cassette glass and continued:
I think, however, that goodness must follow prayer. In order to receive the full value of prayer, one must then do good deeds. For him to go to heaven, we have to put a ladder of mercy on him. Pray and visit the sick person. Pray and give alms to a poor person. Pray and support someone who is lonely. Pray and be kind to your neighbor, your friend, your co-worker. Only then will your prayer be more than words.
That’s what Jean Cassett said, and took the last sip of his martini. As usual with two olives.
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