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Political power is not shared. Governor Rubén Rocha not only removed a member of his cabinet, but also decided to…

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Political power is not shared. Governor Rubén Rocha not only removed a member of his cabinet, but also decided to break up an important political alliance. Certainly it was a long thought, but in the end it was deemed necessary. Many things are about to change in Sinaloa as a result of this incident.

Was the governor’s decision right? Absolutely yes. Kuen’s sentence when saying “we are going to co-rule”, marks the relationship of political decline. In addition, Kuen has always been a politician with his own initiatives and ideas. His role as a subordinate was unstable, and he became an uneasy officer. But now Kuen will have more freedom of political action.

By isolating an uncontrollable ally, the governor strengthens his political position and sets the stage for other decisions. But it also sends a message to those who have not aligned with its politics. However, at the same time, they will face new risks: one of them will be inside the Murray party.

Morena is a kind of black object of desire. Internal strife starts increasing. It’s true that Rocha controls a good portion of that game. But the mayors of Mazatlán, Culiacán and Ahome also have a fair share of partisan structure in their service. In addition, Kuen confirmed that he would remain closely associated with Murray’s national leadership.

This situation is a real problem for Governor Rocha. But his political action is just beginning. He has already pushed Kuen aside, but will still try to reduce his political influence by co-opting local deputies and aldermen. He may also take action with the UAS to try to sever QN’s umbilical cord.

Likewise, it is to be expected that there will be more pressure to incorporate all mayors into their government’s policy. It is clear that, in the foreseeable future, political risks for the governor will remain within the realm of his party and its allies. Opposition parties like PAN, PRI, MC or PRD do not represent any threat today.

Ruben Rocha is the governor of Sinaloa with the greatest political power ever. Not only did he win the election comfortably, but he has complete control over the state Congress and the unit’s municipalities. No executive has had such extraordinary situations. For this reason, Rocha’s strength is real and undeniable, and he wants to be ready for the 2024 competition.
What has happened now is just the beginning. The objective is to align all groups of the institution to guarantee the results desired by AMLO in 2024. Those who show sympathy to an applicant today will have to wait for the signal that the governor gives them. As one indescribable said, the point today is to do politics, do more politics and do a lot of politics. And this is done only by the boss.

politics, more politics, lots of politics

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