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political bad things

“I want to see the sex furniture they advertise in the newspaper today.” This is what Miss Himeniya, a mature…

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“I want to see the sex furniture they advertise in the newspaper today.” This is what Miss Himeniya, a mature celibate, asked the manager of the furniture store. “Sectional” – the clerk corrected him. One cannibal said to another: “I’d gladly invite you to my house for dinner, but my wife isn’t here.” “It doesn’t matter,” replied the other cannibal. We’ll eat something else.” The husband asked his wife: “If I die, will you marry again?” “I think so,” she replied honestly. The Bible says that it is good for a man to be alone No. The same applies to women as well.” The man asked: “And will you let your new husband wear my suit?” “If they fit him, yes,” repeated the woman with equal clarity. They are of very good quality and you hardly use them. It would be a shame if they were ruined.” The husband was an amateur baseball player. Frightened he asked his wife: “And will you give her my baseball glove?” “Not so,” she replied. He left-handed of.”

Besides López Obrador’s morning appearance there is now another activity: the importation of slaves. It is the 500 Cuban doctors whose services AMLO contracted with the island’s dictatorial government, which would collect a set high salary for professionals who would receive a maximum of 10 percent of the amount, with the rest as juicy profits from the purest capitalist style. will leave For the owners of power in Cuba. The heirs of Fidel and Che Guevara feared that the slaves would run away, as did the slaves of the southern plantations of the United States in the last century, which is why they took doctors’ families hostage.

At this point, the joke heard in the most important years of the Castro dictatorship comes to mind: “What is a Cuban string quartet?” “It’s a Cuban Symphony Orchestra that toured overseas.” What happens is that AMLO wants to feel like a kind of protective patriarch of the smallest and most needy Latin American countries, and gives them juicy contracts, like from doctors in Cuba, or donates money at our expense, Our work and our taxes. Echeveria did something similar in his time in what he called “Third World countries”. With such nonsense, he put us in the fourth or fifth world. Mexican doctors had plenty of reasons to oppose this contract, which, in addition to being costly and of questionable efficiency, is offensive to them.

The only good thing about all this is that it will certainly be a long time before the Cubans invite López Obrador again, after the supposed history lesson he gave them in a long, slow and boring speech, Which was given with the pomp of a magistrate. He accepts the one who feels superior to the listeners. If Cuba had freedom of movement, the island would have been uninhabited after that speech. But that freedom is not there and neither is any other. As for Cuban doctors sentenced to forced labor in Mexico, we feel their position, but their presence here is no reason to detract from politics. Have a pleasant stay and your departure soon.

One hen commented to the other in a pen: “What a strong wind it was yesterday! The egg was returned to me three times!” Don Calantonio’s wife gave birth to their ninth child. The husband of a woman in labor in the hospital room asked his wife’s doctor a question: “When will I be able to have sex with my wife again?” “Doctor! She cried with a pleading accent. Please tell her to at least wait until you leave the room!” End.


“. There is a shortage of water in Monterrey.”

that makes me sad.
I am sorry for such a shortcoming.
well, however,
It is that there is no shortage of beer.
air force academy


Armando Fuentes Aguirre

There are two main occupations of years: passing and alleviating sorrows. Two and a half decades ago I went to the Tecnológico de Monterrey with a generation of chemical engineers and chemical administrators to celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary of their graduation, and spoke in front of them. Apparently he didn’t learn the lesson, because he invited me again to his 35 year graduates.
Now engineer Jose Eduardo Viera was kind enough to invite me to the 50th anniversary of the generation. They will be with him, in spirit, two of his most admired teachers: Ramón de la Pea Manrique, my countryman of Saltillo, unforgettable, and engineer Santiago Chuck Cárdenas, equally loved and remembered. I will not be able to come to your celebration. Today my travels as a traveling repairman take me to Tampico. The time they meet, I’ll probably find myself at “El Porvenir,” where it’s better to head up front—as opposed to the municipal Pantheon—to savor an octopus and shrimp cocktail and some stuffed crabs, if the weather doesn’t stop it and authority. prior permission. I wish these engineers many more years of celebration. I am sure they will now set the same good example that they got from their teachers.
till tomorrow!…

political bad things

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