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Poland has tripled its GDP so far this century: their economy has a turbo engine, and we, Sanchez

Analyzing Poland was a pending task. So far we have compared Spain to all the greats of Europe: Germany, France,…

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Analyzing Poland was a pending task. So far we have compared Spain to all the greats of Europe: Germany, France, Italy, along with the United Kingdom, our neighboring country Portugal, and two Nordic countries, Denmark and Sweden. It was already Central Europe and Poland was the ideal candidate.

Poland is a nation with an area of ​​312,696 km. It has a population of 37.8 million inhabitants at the end of 2021. It is a country with a higher population density than Spain. inflation In 2021 it was higher than in Spain: it reached 8.7%, and in the first quarter of 2022 it reached 11%. The debt is 53.8% and the debt per capita is 8,109 euros.

It is clear that at present Poland is not occupied position number five Coincidentally among the members of the European Union. It is becoming one of the biggest growth engines. Without a doubt, this is one of the countries to watch permanently, as we are going to be able to verify.

In the year 2000, Poland represented 29% of Spanish GDP with 186,738 million euros. A decade later, thanks to the 94% growth of its economy, it now represents 34% of Spanish GDP,

Spain, in the first decade of the century, is one of the fastest growing European countries, but Poland manages to almost double its GDP, while Spain grows by 66%. It is clear that the first part of Poland passes through Financial Crisis world with an excellent.

If we look back a decade later and compare 2021 to 2010, we find that Poland manages to grow in these 11 years 58.6%, while Spain does only 12.1%. The Polish economy has clearly withstood the financial crisis and the COVID crisis much better than the Spanish economy.

In 2021, Polish GDP is already 48% of Spanish GDP, and its economy has tripled so far this century, while Spanish has grown by 86%.

analysis of GDP per capita It is very similar, but with one constraint, worse for the Spanish.

In 2000, Poles had a per capita income of 31% compared to us Spaniards; so far in this century, thanks to the fact that they have multiplied by 3.1 rent per personThey are already at 59%.

Poland has followed a path of development that is worth comparing with the rest of the countries we have analyzed to date, but as we have done on other occasions, we are going to compare one of these. Europe’s toughest decade: The last.

We see that during this period Poland is undoubtedly the most developed country among all the countries reviewed so far.

Poland, despite the financial crisis and pandemic, grows by 45.4% compared to 2.6% in Italy and 4.6% in Spain. If we look closely at the numbers, in 2010 Poland was less than SwedenPoland has taken the lead at 51,000 million euros, despite a 15% increase from Sweden, by over 50,000 million euros, and a decade later.

In just a decade, it has advanced Sweden more than 100,000 million euros, has recovered 114,000 million from Spain and 118,000 million from Italy.

And if we only look at the last year and exit from the covid crisis, we find that Poland is one of these top three countries, growing at 9.1%, while Sweden and the United Kingdom grew at 11.5% happened. ,

Poland has incredible potential for growth. It remains to be seen how he copes with a crisis so close like a war UkraineTo test the extent to which its economy is prepared to withstand such a close war, receiving millions of Ukrainian deportees, fulfilling a humanitarian task beyond all doubt and living and directing the energy crisis.

Poland has given Europe enough signals so that Europe knows how to support this economy, and has shown that it is a country that is ready to grow and that it should be part of the European elite.

Poland’s economy has a turbo engine, whereas we have a motorcycle engine by comparison. Our future managers will do well to understand that its president, Andrzej Duda, who has led the country since 2015, and its prime minister, Mateusz Moravi, who has given his country 40.4% growth, did well. Is.

We must not forget that since the arrival of Sanchez alone, Spain grows by 3.7% and Poland by 22.9% over the same period.

Poland has tripled its GDP so far this century: their economy has a turbo engine, and we, Sanchez

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