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Plane tribute to Diego Maradona whose destination is Qatar 2022 World Cup – People Online

if there is one death what does one of the mean Arrangement plus excellent In recent years, without a doubt…

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if there is one death what does one of the mean Arrangement plus excellent In recent years, without a doubt it was Diego maradona, to great joy he left for Argentina and what they represent in the collective imagination. Tributes are getting more and more for this cause, this Sunday, they welcomed him to Martin Fierro 2022 and now it’s his turn assumption Ali cielo,

is he next Wednesday 25 Of Maywill be in airport from cliff presentation of aircraft tango d10sA project that was born out of the hand of the company’s CEO for Give and Get, gaston kolkar, Bet includes a plane private in tribute Diegowith Museo walker Which one? plans taking help of Argentina And this WorldWith a special destiny… Qatar World Cup 2022 which starts in November.

Apparently, next Wednesday at 6:00 pm, part of Diego Maradona’s family will join in his tribute, condiments are given to celebrate the best player in football history and with the participation of several world champions from the Argentine National A football afternoon is promised. team in 1986

Musicians will attend the inauguration JuansIn the afternoon they planned to sing “Forever Diego”, a song dedicated to Maradona, and then the show would begin with the lead of the historic player of the Argentina national team, Juan pablo sorin And the journalist will go with them, Augustine casanova,

The Tango D1OS offer promises the attendees to live a unique experience, where they will be able to leave a recorded message in the cabin to take Diego to heaven and with audio and video through artificial intelligence technology, they will accompany it. will be able to talk. “Ten” and ask him questions with the feeling that they are talking to him, Maradona.

To the fintechs carrying out the project, he explained that the idea for the Tango D10S is to travel to the Qatar World Cup with some of the world champions from the 1986 World Cup and Maradona’s teammates.

The plane was manned by plastic artist Maximiliano Bagnasco and inside you can see, among other things, a small museum with T-shirts worn by Diego. . more information on



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