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PIDS’s comprehensive plan to support small

With half a century of operation in this capital, the children’s and youth baseball movement will receive special attention from…

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With half a century of operation in this capital, the children’s and youth baseball movement will receive special attention from the Sinaloa Sports Promotion Board.

The head of this organization, David Vargas, met with leaders from Region 3 to learn about their core needs and how to meet them as far as possible. A comprehensive plan has been envisaged, where various leagues will get support to improve facilities.

Circuit, Humaya, 3 Rios, Culiacán AC, Little Colhuacan, Culiacán Resources and Navolato, recently joined the movement, have already raised their requests. These infrastructure support will be provided gradually. We must not forget that the National Association of Children and Youth Leagues of the Mexican Republic is one of the main forces and attractions for the celebration of the region 3 leagues and national championships of the regions which are held annually throughout the country. Sinaloa Little League, without fear of being wrong, has one of the most solid and respected sports structures in the country. Therefore, this investment is appreciated.

The beneficiary will be approximately 170 teams, the equivalent of 2,000 players in their various divisions. At the moment, studies are being done to start the project at the earliest. It is considering starting work on the Culiacán AC League, as it is part of a package of venues along with the Ising Nation Stadium and the Japac unit, which will have the National Olympiad next June.

Baseball is one of those sports that will have the maximum sports fair activity of the year as determined by the National Sports Commission. From the outset, youth areas large and small will be air conditioned by equipping the land known as Tucuruguay and lining the parking lot. After this the rest of the leagues will get support.

In 3 Rios, the intention is to build new concrete stands in the main Pescado Acosta area and pave the road towards these facilities, which becomes a stream with dangerous access to the community during the rainy season. The diagnosis is in process.

Its facilities will be conditioned at Navolato, who joined Little League at the hands of Sergio Plata.
PIDS, in the first year of this government administration, has concentrated batteries in various municipalities and communities, which have always lacked good facilities. We know that one of the weak points of sports in our state is the lack of popular and high performing sports facilities.

It should be noted that this great sporting movement is made thanks to the support and organization of the parents, who bear the costs of field maintenance, training, uniforms, food and travel among other expenses. David Vargas, who was part of the Culiacán Resources League under the management of his father, Mr. Victor Vargas, knows the area well, so he will have plenty of tools to deliver this support.

During this year he has visited all the municipalities of the state, where he will also enjoy these benefits in various subjects. Everything in its time. The main thing is that the resources provided by the breweries flow to support the athletes.