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Pedro Sanchez: Worst of Worst

I bet our president picks up every morning the book he signed—and it was written to him—’Resistance Manual‘ And at…

By admin , in news , at June 4, 2022

I bet our president picks up every morning the book he signed—and it was written to him—’Resistance Manual‘ And at least one chapter is read. Then he washes himself and before having breakfast, he looks in the mirror and repeats to himself: “I am Pedro Sánchez and I am the best, I am the invincible, I am the champion.”

Charging the battery of decency, he has breakfast and again stands in front of the mirror and asks: “Mirror, small mirror Is there anyone better than me? -And the mirror, who is not a fool, lest he change it, as the director of the CNI, sharply replies- “at least one is worse than you”.

The President, although he is not very convinced, decided to delay the call.parsley‘ Bolaos, to request his dismissal small mirror And replacement by someone who tells you exactly what you want to hear.

What Pedro Sánchez doesn’t want to hear is that his ability to destroy Spain is undoubtedly epic. To be honest, I must say that this is going to be the last of all EU countries, something it has not achieved yet.

Pedro Sánchez can be accused of many things, but he can never be told that he doesn’t know how to deal with disasters. He’s unique, he’s great, he’s an egoist who’s so possessive that no matter how much you tell him he’s done wrong, he’ll always blame someone for the situation, and if he has to shoot without drawing, So he will.

But, let’s go back to the reality of how bad Sanchez has done, or whoever it is, it’s up to him this time:

The GDPs of the European countries that make up the union (plus Switzerland) have just come to the fore before our eyes. In the first column, the GDP per capita of each of these countries as of 2017 and in the second column is the same, but at the end of 2021.

that is, GDP per capita left by PP When he was in opposition and which he has left in the last one year.

PP closed 2017 with a per capita GDP of 24,970 euros and Sanchez – under 3.5 years of management – managed to increase it 2% to a figure of 25,460 euros.

But what they don’t tell the president – or he doesn’t want to hear it – is euro area countries They have grown 8.4% in this period, let’s find out 4 times more than Spain, Nor does it know that the growth of the countries that make up the European Union grew at 10.1%, five times more than ours.

And I don’t know if they inform you, or if you forget, as is the case with CNI’s report on spying on Catalan leaders, that Ireland has been able to grow by 36 percent, which is the former depended on the countries. The USSR—and those greatly appreciated by their current partners in the United We Can—and are now in the European Union, have grown by more than 20%, such as Estonia, Latvia, Poland, Hungary and Romania. A figure that is projected to rise tenfold in the presidency of the Socialist-Communist government.

Nordic countries such as the Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, Belgium or Finland rise above 11%. These countries have an educational system, one of the best in the world, a health system that is as good (or better) than the Spanish and with these vicars, they have been able to grow 5.5 times more than the alliance of Frankenstein. .

Germany grows at 8.6%, Portugal 7.9%, France, despite Macron at 6.7% and Italy, which is the third worst on the list, grows almost twice as fast as us.

I know Pedro Sanchez doesn’t like bad news, so small mirror Told him that there was a country worse than Spain and that country has been Icelandwhat There is a decrease in the production of money for its citizens.

So today you can rest easy. Countries all over Europe are doing better than Spain, creating more money, more future and more hope for their citizens in these 4 years, but don’t worry, Iceland is doing worse.

too bad you didn’t callparsley‘Bolaos to Change Yours’ small mirror And spit it on your face for a day, even if you feel it’s moisturizing your skin.

Pedro Sanchez: Worst of Worst

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