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Pedro pretended to be his wife’s suicide; he killed her in jalisco

Guadalajara Jalisco.- behind bars Peter Albert V, which last december Presented as an unhappy widower since he said his wife…

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Guadalajara Jalisco.- behind bars Peter Albert V, which last december Presented as an unhappy widower since he said his wife must have committed suicideHowever, everything turned out to be a climb to avoid being imprisoned in Jalisco.

The Office of the State Attorney General (FGE) of Jalisco indicated today that the woman who may have been found dead in a home on December 26, 2021. Colony The Hillfrom the municipality of Guadalajara, does not commit suicide because his passionate partner wanted to see him, on the contrary, he was woman murder victim,

Pedro Alberto V, already in prison and involved in the judicial process for the crime of homicide, was the one who taken out of life 26 year old woman After a verbal argument that turned into a scuffle and ended in murder.

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As a result of the investigation, the staff of the prosecutor’s office managed to find enough evidence to show that, after an oral discussion, Pedro began attacking his wife with a rope hang him and a white weapon with which he hit her multiple wounds in the chest, legs and ankles, thus ending his life.

In order not to cast any doubt on himself, what is today designated as a femicide, he arranged the woman’s body and all the parts used in such a way that it appeared that he had himself You have taken your life.

“Pedro Alberto V. dragged the victim’s body and arranged for him to fake suicide, then He called the officers to report that his accomplice had taken his own life.“Jalisco’s FGE said, however, that it could not manage to circumvent officials who were conducting a thorough investigation into how the incidents happened.

“Following an inquiry by a ministerial agent, evidence was obtained from which it was inferred that the death of the the woman was violent Which was confirmed by the results of expert reports and other elements for which an arrest warrant against Pedro Alberto V was requested. “, They said.

Today, FGE finally released an official statement explaining that after Pedro was put before a judge, he was involved in the process so that he got paid for what he did.

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“The personnel of the Special Women’s Murder Investigation Unit of the State Prosecutor’s Office confirmed before a judge that Pedro Alberto V. Bears Possible Responsibility for His Wife’s DeathAlthough he tried to pretend that it was a suicide… the court entered the analysis of the case and ruled that Pedro Alberto V. should be linked to the procedural felony of homicide and placed in informal preventive custody. should remain. One year as a precaution”, the officials concluded.

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Pedro pretended to be his wife’s suicide; he killed her in jalisco

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